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Glowing Skin with Glossier!

I don’t usually talk about products that I don’t own or haven’t used in the past outside of Wishlists and Anti-Hauls but I cannot contain my excitement for this new product just dropped by Glossier! It’s simply called Solution and it is a liquid, chemical exfoliant. It is formulated with lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid – some of my very favourite acids for keeping my skin smooth and clear. This product also contains skin-soothing and conditioning components which is important when you are basically dissolving the outer most layer of your skin. I love peeling my face, I use chemical exfoliants and enzyme peels as a consistent part of my skincare routine. This product retails at $24 for 4.4 ounces which is fairly affordable in comparison to the different products that I have used. The bottle is millennial pink and looks absolutely stunning, it has a pump component so you can control the amount of product that is dispensed. Back to the pink thing, it’s just pink, the colour that existed eons before millennials – please stop calling it that.



Anyway, I have hyper-acne prone skin and while I have used topical medication since for-ever, I didn’t see a real change in my skin until I started exfoliating with acids. The reduction in texture was almost immediate, overall skin tone improvement and a halt in breakouts soon followed. With extended use, my skin has started producing much less oil and I am actually on the dryer side now which has been a really bizarre change but a welcome one. My point here is; if you aren’t using a chemical exfoliant then do some research and give one a try! There are so many lovely ones on the market, some of my faves include:

Pixi Glow Tonic

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Face Peel

The Ordinary. Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid

These are all mild enough for my sensitive skin but very effective too! I cannot wait to try the Glossier take on this type of product and will report back when it arrives!

Thanks for stopping by ❤

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Tips From An Introvert on Being Happy & Well-Adjusted

Happy? Yes. Well-adjusted, I mean, it’s debatable but getting there 😛 I’m an introvert, I would argue that I am an extreme case of introvert and it is something that can interfere with work and my social life but it’s just who I am. It used to really irritate me as a kid (and it still does) when people chalked it up to me being shy or not confident or quiet – I just socialize differently but I can understand how it can put people off. I am clearly no expert but here are some ways that I remain a happy, moderately well-adjusted introvert:


Seems simple but it still happens and every time that I do it, I know that I am going to regret it. I can be very engaging and charismatic for periods of time but I cannot emotionally commit to three events in a weekend. I know that by the time I get to Sunday that I will be a wreck and I won’t enjoy whatever I have dedicated myself to. There will be times when this cannot be avoided and when I find myself getting irritated or overwhelmed, I set out with intention. I recognize that I was invited to something because someone who is important to me wanted me to be there and I get over it.


If I said I was going to go, I just gotta’ suck it up or else it will become a pattern of behavior and nobody likes a flake even if you have a solid reason for being one. Most people in my life know and understand if I have cancelled but I really hate doing it and strive not to.


I enjoy my solitude – I will go to the movies by myself, I will take myself to lunch, coffee, etc – I like just being able to go and not having to feel like I have to be on. Chances are, if you are an introvert, you could give a shit about people looking at you but if you do mind, take a book! A book is a great barrier, only absolute cretins will interrupt someone immersed in a book.


Chances are, it isn’t going to be that bad. Being an extreme introvert, I have absolutely walked into a room and walked right back out if I feel that I just can’t deal with it. I don’t get panic attacks or anxiety, people exhaust me but I think it’s healthy do something spontaneous every once in awhile and generally, I have a good time. I won’t lie, there have been times when I get in the car and am elated to be going home but that’s rare.


This might seem totally random but as an introvert who also has resting bitch face, I might not want people to approach me but I still want to seem approachable. I want people to think that I am friendly and the best way to do this is by smiling.


While it doesn’t bother me to sit with someone in companionable silence, I know that this can make people uncomfortable. It doesn’t hurt to give a little, I have found that if you get someone talking about something they are really passionate about, they will be plenty content with you just being there and listening.


I don’t apologize for who I am, life is too short to waste your time trying to please everyone (or literally anyone). When I tell someone that I can’t do something this time but they’ll see me next time, I absolutely mean that and I expect this to be OK – if isn’t, then I don’t waste my time.

Am I an expert? Absolutely not, these are just some coping techniques that I use in my day to day life. I hope you enjoyed – thanks for stopping by ❤

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Blue Monday Reading List – Nordic Noir

It is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in America today, it has me in a brooding mood. What an inspiring individual, society doesn’t make ’em like that anymore. He embodied such humility, class, intelligence, empathy, patience, respect – I cannot name a single public figure currently who could even share a podium with him. It’s pathetic, really. Anyway, he is one of the many Americans who makes me proud to be one too and inspires me to do a little better each day.

While Blue Monday isn’t rooted in any scientific bedrock, I think there is a palpable feeling of melancholy in the months leading up to Spring. I personally enjoy it, I love winter and right around this time of year there are a slew of Nordic Noir novels hitting the shelves. This genre is basically like a police procedural, that relies heavily on atmosphere and bleak settings with a typically, lack-luster protagonist. It’s definitely not a new genre, I think it became internationally popularized by the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, not it’s best sampling in my opinion. But the good news is, now there are loads of really good books that are widely available, here are a few of my favourites!

The Day is DarkThora Gudmundsdottir is a single mom of two and underpaid lawyer turned moderately successful PI. She is hired to investigate the disappearance of some employees of a British mining company based in Greenland. She and her hunky-German boyfriend travel to Greenland in the dead of winter to investigate the mysterious events that locals are convinced can be attributed to an ancient curse. This one is heavy on the bleak setting and totally creepy with a bit of a supernatural twist! This is the 4th book with Thora, definitely read in order to get to know her.


The Snowman – I am so bummed that this movie was botched, the material is nothing short of amazing! Yes, his name is Harry Hole – can I just say that I found it incredibly irritating that so many people were stuck on this when the movie released? Get over it you immature, uncultured swine – honestly. This book centers around a serial killer who strikes at every fresh snow leaving behind a snowman and missing woman. The character development is fascinating, it isn’t a quick read – you have to let yourself get fully immersed in the details. Hole is definitely a disappointing lead with questionable ethics but when he gets sucked into the Snowman’s web, he has to be the hero that you didn’t think he could be.


Midwinter Blood – Another depressing main character, Malin Fors, a talented but troubled police woman is called in to investigate the discovery of a mutilated corpse. She has to discover not only who the deceased man is but also who killed him which leads to uncovering a grisly tale of a family with a dark past. This one is set in Sweden in a record setting frigid February and has many twists and turns along the way.


Those are just a few that I have read more than once over, I enjoy the dark settings and morose characters but they can be entertaining whodunits at the end of the day (or night) too! Also, these are some of the only books that I purchase new because the jacket art is so lovely that I don’t want a marred copy 🙂

Thanks for stopping by ❤

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Top Ten Under $10

I remember when I was younger and my mother purchased what little makeup I wore for me, I so looked forward to the day that I could purchase whatever makeup I wanted and that I wouldn’t have to wear drugstore makeup anymore. Fast forward 15 years later and I cannot stay out of the drugstore. Part of this is the fact that the formulas have gotten so much better but I also love a good deal. I have picked 10 products that I must have in my bag, I may be cheating a bit on the price as some of these are under $10 from Amazon – at any rate, enjoy!

L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Primer – This primer has quickly become my most-used under all of my mascaras. It is a bit thinner and more slippery than other lash primers so it doesn’t clump whatever I am putting over it.

Maybelline FitMe Loose Finishing Powder – A really fabulous, weightless finishing powder.

L’Oréal Studio Secrets Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer – I put this under my eyes, it keeps most concealers from creasing, disguises my fine lines and makes the under eye area appear brighter.

Wet ‘n Wild Coverall Primer, ColorIcon Blusher and Cushion Highlighter – One of my absolute favourite primers, it feels like lotion but makes my skin look smooth and poreless. The blush and highlight are both lovely as well for everyday use.

Milani Baked Blushes– I know that these receive mixed reviews but I really enjoy them, I don’t mind a luminous blusher and I use these quite often in the winter.

Maybelline Color Tattoo – The jars or the crayons, I love these for a quick and easy eye look. I will dress them up a bit with powder shadows or glitter but they work all on their own as well!

L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation – I don’t love this foundation all by itself, it is too dewy but mixed in with foundations that I find too matte or flat and it is perfect. I have been able to use up a few foundations that I found too drying by pairing them with this one!

Revlon Ultra-HD Matte Lip Color – Another product that people either love or hate, I really like these. They don’t dry down matte, the product is quite mousse-like but I find them very comfortable to wear and most of the shades are perfect for everyday wear. I also like the odd conical applicator, it just works for me.


Those are my top picks for drugstore makeup, still on the hunt for a drugstore mascara so let me know if you have any recommendations!

Thanks for stopping by ❤



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Best Drugstore Foundation of 2018?

I need a click bait-y thumbnail with me pouring foundation all over my face and an asinine amount of heart emojis to go with this title. I know it’s only January and this foundation may actually have been available in late 2017 but it only just hit the shelves in my go-to drugstores. The Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation from Maybelline is so amazing that I would be stunned if something as good or better dropped at the drugstore this year. This product claims to be lightweight, provide full but seamless coverage, even out and enhance skin all while minimizing the appearance of flaws and imperfections. There are 16 shades, it retails for about $10 depending on where you purchase it from and it is equipped with a decent pump. To the formula!


Long-wear foundations and I don’t generally get along, they are usually too matte for my dry skin and so heavy that I cannot continually wear them without getting a breakout. I have been wearing this foundation everyday for a week and my skin looks great and doesn’t feel parched. This is a very comfortable formula, it goes on quick, it dries down fast, provides great coverage but I don’t feel or look cakey. The finish isn’t too matte but if you have dry skin I would definitely moisturize really well, skip baking and use a setting spray. I can skip powder all together with this foundation because it sets itself and I like how smooth and poreless my skin looks with just the foundation on. It isn’t streaky or patchy, you have to work quick to get the product dispersed evenly but it really is a dream to apply – I just use a face brush and buff in 2-3 pumps of product and I’m done! I have worn this foundation for 10 hours at the longest, I love how it just melds with my skin and doesn’t fade, doesn’t settle in lines or crumble with extended wear. I purchased the shades Fair Porcelain, Porcelain and Natural Ivory – they all looked the same in the store and I was referencing what I wear in the FitMe range which, I wouldn’t recommend because the shades are a bit different. For my winter complexion, Fair Porcelain is perfect – I will be mixing the Porcelain and Natural Ivory shades come summer when I get a little ruddier. Did I mention that this foundation has zero scent?! I was pleasantly surprised, any scented foundation will make my eyes water so this was a bonus!


I recommend, for an affordable, long wear foundation – it’s fantastic!

Thanks for stopping by ❤

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Top 5 Posts of 2017

I have been experiencing the worst eczema flare up that I have had in years, it’s all over my chest and neck – it is driving me bananas. I wear a lot of scoop necks and v-necks but I’ve been wearing turtlenecks and crew necks since this flare up and today I decided that I was going to wear whatever I wanted and not worry about it. Part of the reason was because of the rubbing, it irritates my skin more to have clothing constantly rubbing it all day and I just didn’t want to deal with it. The other reason was that I feel that I just need to get over it and who cares what other people think it is. I realized today that I am a vain, vain person. I was worried about it all day, should have just sucked it up and dealt with the chaffing.

I have been trying to plan some new content and decided to take a look back at my top 5 posts from 2017. I have seen a few other bloggers do this and I think it’s a fun look back, I wish that WordPress would have an archive option so that I could archive posts but not delete them. Do they have this? Am I just missing something? I don’t think that I would delete old posts but I’d like a place to put them. I was a bit surprised at what my top 5 were, but here they are!

Fall Fashion Inspo. – This was my top post of not only 2017 but all time which I feel was really random since I don’t talk about fashion all that often. It had 168 views and it still randomly receives likes, I really just made image collages from my Pinterest boards. I had a lot of fun doing this post, I like how the colours came to together.

fall fashion.

Back to School With Kate Spade – Who doesn’t love Kate Spade? Also, another surprising post because it was just about office supplies 😀 Weird story about this post, I received like a 6 paragraph comment that somehow made it out of spam and it was terrifying. There were quotes from the Bible that the writer had somehow determined were about how evil the public school system is, lots of stuff about repenting. There was a lot of typing in all caps, it was really bizarre. Anyway…

sephorabrush set

First Impression Friday – Subculture Palette – I think that this post really just capitalized off the drama that was surrounding this product for so long. I still use it, it is not that bad but I did decide to skip the ABH holiday palette because it just seemed too similar at first glance. My one recommendation for this palette – use an actual primer not concealer to prep your eyes! I had wildly different results doing this and I enjoy this palette.

drink bourbon (1)

Best of January – Best Of posts tend to do well, which isn’t surprising as these are definitely some of my favourite posts to read. Hilarious, I listed the NYX Lip Lingerie as a fave for the month – perfect example of how my preferences have changed. Also, I was wearing that shit in the middle of January? My lips were probably a dry, crusty mess. My photos in this one were less than fantastic but still something that I wouldn’t delete, it’s like a progress chart.


900 Followers & Ramblings – This was just a thank you post for all of my followers, I like doing these kinds of posts – they are just fun.


Those are my top posts of the year, only two were specifically makeup related which has given me more encouragement to really start talking about new topics! It’s interesting that most of these posts have nothing in common, the BF claims that it’s the tags that I am using – I looked, it isn’t the tags. I hope that you enjoyed this trip down memory lane and as always, thanks for stopping by ❤

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NOTD – Cool Grey & Snow Day Thoughts

This should be titled, Nail of the Next Three Weeks & It Best Not Chip! My nail salon is going to be closed for two weeks for renovations and I am so excited for them. The walls are this Pepto-Bismol pink that I always thought was rather grating, I would hate to work there – I hope that their new surroundings are more tranquil for them 🙂 It is interesting how paint colours and layouts can impact one’s state of mind at work. The office across the hall from me has red accents, I find them very distracting. It is so snowy here which is better than the melted, dead landscape that we were looking at yesterday so I’ll take it and will just like it better when I am not driving! Anyway, I went with grey because I always feel a little grey after the hustle and bustle of the holidays is over. I think that the next major holiday is V-Day. I hate Valentine’s Day because it just feels so tacky, I think it would be cool to have a Valentine’s Day birthday though – think of the infinite decor possibilities. Speaking of which, perhaps I will ask if I can decorate the office for the dreaded V-day but then doesn’t that set an expectation of decorating for other holidays as well? Outside of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas – what else is there that justifies decorating? This was a lot more fun when I had a classroom, kids have no concept of time so you can have decor up for an entire month for even the sub-par holidays and they don’t care. Adults though, apparently there is an expectation of taste and decorum. We didn’t get a snow day but it feels like one aside from the fact that I went to work. I think there is an expectation in Minnesota that we set the standard for snow emergency preparedness – we don’t but we’d like to think so. Also, I wish that one had to get a special license in order to drive a truck, they drive much too haphazardly in bad weather and you see them in the ditch as much as anyone else. Mini-vans too, not just anyone should be trusted with that amount of horsepower and tonnage. I walked outside this morning and realized that I have not seen the stars in years, like an actual full sky of stars. I really hate living in a metro area, the light pollution, the noise, the smell, the people, the traffic, the blacktop. A client came to Minnesota when I was at my old job and was overwhelmed at how green it was, it made me sad to think of how over-developed her home must be if she thought this was green. Every once in awhile I look for jobs in Bozeman, I always wanted to live there and yet, here I am. Granted, it is still a metro area but I bet you don’t have to drive far to see the stars. Do you get distracted during weather events? I obviously do 😛


Thanks for stopping by ❤