For almost a decade I have found myself in a love hate relationship with makeup. Even when a regimen is working  for me, too soon it seems my shade of foundation could be a little truer, my eyeshadow a little richer, my lips a little lusher and my skin brighter…

The products available are always evolving…something new and better is always on the market.  HD foundations, BB cremes, maracuja infused, silicon-based, paraben free – which are must haves and which are fads?  At the end of the day, I just want my makeup to enhance my assets, hide my flaws and wash off.  Makeup should be fun, not a hassle.  When you step out the door you should feel like a beauty queen, not a science project.  Join me as I seek out those all-volume no-flake mascaras, luscious non-sticky lip balms, creaseless eyeshadows and flawless foundations. It is 2013 and there are loads of new products ripe for the sampling!



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