Product Testing

I went on a beauty shopping spree! My main objective was to find a replacement for my powder foundation. I’ve been reading that powder foundations make your skin appear dry and sets in wrinkles. With beauty balms being the new rage, and with all of their rumored skin-enhancing benefits, I decided to try some out!


Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm has been advertised as the best balm for fair skin tones.  Also, this beauty balm is an anti-irritant (ideal for sensitive skin) and offers an SPF 25 for UV protection.

fresh rose face primer

Fresh Rose Face Primer is another good choice for sensitive skin.  Even though beauty balms claim to tighten pores and give you a smooth canvas, I just can’t imagine not using a primer to get my makeup staying power!

benefits highlighting stick

Benefits Highlighting Stick is a user-friendly option for beginner contouring. Having seldom used the contouring technique, I like that this product comes in an easy-to-use stick that you can blend with your fingers!

tarte eye primer

Tarte Clean Slate Eye Primer is another all-natural product that is nourishing and beneficial for your skin!  I’m a huge fan of the Urban Decay eye potion, but ULTA was out of stock and I settled for trying this…

tarte powder

Tarte Translucent Powder is a great product for protecting your makeup that does not settle into your pores.  The fact that it’s translucent ensures that it won’t detract from your foundation shade!


Stila Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner has a precision brush for tight-lining and the waterproof quality keeps it from running in your waterline!

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