Foundation Games

In earlier posts I mentioned being on the hunt for a new foundation and after many trials think I have found a keeper! For years I have worn mineral foundation and have absolutely loved the coverage, shade availability and simple application. In recent years though I have noticed that powder foundation tends to settle in all of my little laugh lines making me look and feel much more mature than I am. I have always struggled with liquid foundation, I cannot apply it, they consistently oxidize to an orange hue and often times I have experienced dry, flaky skin, redness and rashes after prolonged use. I have had some success with UD’s Naked Skin foundation in .5 but was only able to gain enough coverage by applying their Ultra Definition Powder Foundation in Fair Cool over top. First off, this routine was extremely costly and I felt as though I was removing stage makeup at the end of the day. Both foundations feel great on my face, did not cause aNaked Skin in color ny irritation also, the shades were a great match for my fair skin. The liquid is surprisingly easier to apply than many other liquids that I have tried and the finish is lovely but definitely leaves you feeling naked. I love UD and their good for your skin products but will leave this foundation to those ladies with already fabulous skin. I keep both in my arsenal, for really good skin days I can get away with the liquid and just a quick buff of the powder. I would recommend to anyone with sensitive skin, if you are plagued with cystic acne like myself, you might want to seek something with a little more coverage.

On to my current favorite foundation, theBalm’s timeBalm Foundation in Lighter than Light. I am addicted to their multi-tasking highlighter and full coverage concealer but not until my local Sephora stopped carrying these did I stumble  upon their website and full range of beauty products. First off, their concealer is my go to for presentations, interviews and any other occasion where people will be staring at my face. For a quick face, I  apply with a concealer brush, following this handy-dandy concealer map ( carefully buff then set. After such great results with their other products, I was delighted to give their foundation a try. This foundation is heavy enough that I can skip concealer on most days and it is very easy to work with. While it is full coverage, this foundation is far from cakey with a smooth, creamy consistency. Applying with a damp beauty sponge, I can have a full face in roughly 5 minutes – it is just as easy to use as my formerly beloved mineral foundation. No characteristic foundation odor, does not settle in my pores and lasts all day. I would recommend ensuring that your face is appropriately moisturized and primed, I was struggling with a dry skin patch on my cheek for ages and this product did cling a bit more than I liked. But really, can I complain when it delivers everything else I have been looking for?

I have always associated cake foundation with Vaudeville but could not be more thrilled with this product. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a full coverage, easy to use foundation that comes at a great price. Since discovering their website, I have ordered several of their other products and they have quickly become staples of my beauty routine!

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