The Brows Have It

I have been waiting so patiently for my ColourPop order to arrive but alas, a couple more days to go until the lippie swatch party! In the meantime, I will address my obsession and eternal struggle for fabulous eyebrows. Even if I don’t have time for a full face, I cannot leave the house without my eyebrows – if you feel this is absurd, read this: and reconsider. I do not have naturally good eyebrows but with the saturation of products in the market to enhance my assets, I can obtain acceptable arches. I do not shape my own eyebrows, I have no advice to lend on how to shape them but do have some favorite products to keep them tame in between waxing.

I have strawberry blonde eyebrows, I avoid brow pencils as they tend to be more pigmented and less forgiving than gels or brow mascaras. I also tend to use brow pencils like a crayon, going back and forth – the exact thing you are not supposed to do and I achieve that obviously drawn in look. My eyebrow routine starts with a swipe of UD’s Ultimate Ozone Primer Pencil above and below. I know that this product is intended for the lip line but it creates a no-budge barrier for your brows too. For my daytime look, I use NYX Cosmetics’ Tinted Brow Mascara in blonde. Unless you are a bottle, classic or deep red, I would not recommend using truly red tint in your eyebrows – they will look fake. In the summer I use blonde, in the winter I use chocolate but never red. I also don’t spend a lot of money on my brow products, I am just not that addicted to my brands. The reason I love this mascara is that it is so easy to use,$detail$the color provides just enough definition and the brush is the perfect size. Just swipe in an upward motion and use a comb to shape, it will provide the perfect amount of hold when it dries. If you get a little carried away with your swiping and smudge your forehead, just use a Q-tip to dob off. No clumping, no caking, even when you get to the bottom of the tube.

When I am done swiping and shaping, I use the pink end of the Eyebrow Push-Up Bra above and below in the same fashion as my primer pencil. This pencil also works great to highlight your water line, I keep a second on hand for this purpose. There are two things that underwhelm me about this pencil, half of it is a brow pencilNyx Cosmetics that I rarely use and it does not glide, it pulls your skin a little. To combat this, I heat the pencil just a titch and dot the product on then blend with an eye shadow brush – works like a charm. I would prefer that the entire pencil was the pink highlighter but for the price, I guess it isn’t a deal breaker.

My brow game is pretty low-key but I feel oddly put together with my eyebrows on. For an additional 10 minutes or so, it is worth it to imagine that I am that much closer to stunning eyebrows.

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