Take the Day Off

Winter is still making my face hurt and I am pretty certain causing new wrinkles. I also turned 1 year older and am that much closer to 30, said wrinkles could be psychosomatic but who knows? I am serious about moisturizing, keeping my face protected and hydrated. A hydrated face is a happy face. Unfortunately, I feel that many cleansers tend to dry my face out thus making it that much more difficult to keep it properly hydrated. There are many cleansers that claim to be hydrating but nothing beats a cleansing balm as a soothing, moisturizing option for removing makeup and dirt after a 10 hour work day. Confession, I was raised on Pond’s…eek! My mom used it, my mom’s mom used, my mom’s mom’s mom started using it after she heard that Queen Marie swore by it. Who knows, it could be true – point being, women have been addicted to Pond’s cream since the dawn of time. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/0b/68/bc/0b68bcda2273ff258823f81a5b14c5e4.jpgAnd who can blame them? There is nothing more satisfying than a brand new, unsullied jar of Pond’s. The scent is addicting, the feeling of slathering your face with it is euphoric, my evening does not end until I have had my fix. But lets talk about that mineral oil. I disagree with experts *gasp* that Pond’s does not give you more youthful skin, I receive compliments on my skin constantly and I attribute this to my cold cream. That being said, I have heard a diatribe of negative commentary about mineral oil.  From how we absorb it through our beauty products but cannot metabolize it, to how it suffocates your skin, there is no real benefit to your skin etc, etc but none of the above caused me to stop using Pond’s. I still keep a small jar in my bathroom cabinet for tattoo cover-up and water proof mascara removal.But as an ever day, total face cleanser Pond’s causes crazy blackheads! I cannot explain it, it was great for reducing acne scarring, soothing redness and making your skin glowy but I couldn’t handle the blackheads.

So, I have made a very recent switch to Ren’s Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Balm and it is delightful, as it should be at this price point. The first ingredient is almond oil, which is a very light, fast absorbing oil – it is my fave beauty oil after rose-hip. Which is another reason I love this balm, it possesses the perfect hint of rose scent. The texture is scary at first, it felt much oilier than Pond’s and it melts quick. In moments I felt like I could whip into a pan and make popcorn. But it makes my skin baby soft and after a month of use, I can honestly say that there has been a reduction in blackheads! I also feel that my skin is less oily at the end of the day since switching to this product. Be warned, don’t get it in your eyes (common sense for most) unlike Pond’s this stuff will burn. The tub is definitely an investment but a month in and I am only now digging out the nooks and crannies. I am addicted. Pond’s will always have a special place in my heart but it is Ren for the win.

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