Glow Time

I have only dabbled in the BECCA beauty line, I use a couple of their Shimmering Skin Perfectors, adore their Backlight Primer and Blotting Powder but my beef with this brand is that you get more packaging than product. Anything that comes in a compact is embossed with this Xena breast plate lid and one would think that there would be way more product behind that serious protection but alas. Image result for becca beautyAnything liquid, you are paying around 40$ for an ounce – be ready to drop some serious cash if you fall in love with this brand. That being said, their products that have become staples in my beauty bag are of fantastic quality that tend to last and I don’t mind the investment.

If you haven’t heard, they just dropped a new foundation and everyone is freaking out – myself included. (But, Stella you just found your fav foundation?!) For how social media was blowing up with gorgeous photos of this coveted product, the peer pressure was just too great to resist. I immediately ordered a bottle of the Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation in Fair that was surprisingly not already on back-order! With the rash of foundations released recently that are all about glow, I was excited to see what the hype was about. This foundation is equipped with a dropper rather than a pump, I don’t know why but pump-action gets away from me and turns into a giant mess so this is a pro. I am pleased to say that this foundation does not stink like foundation, it has a sweet, faintly botanical scent that is really very pleasant. The Fair shade while claiming to be neutral is just a touch pink (pink better than yellow in my book) with a subtle shimmer. Consistency-wise it is much thinner than most liquid foundations and reminds me more of a serum. I assumed that this meant that it would apply very sheer and was skeptical that I really only needed 1-2 drops for my entire face. But, I stuck to the recommendations with plans to build if needed. I am delighted to report that this was not needed, granted I applied over color corrector and concealer but was really impressed with the coverage provided. It blends seamlessly with my natural skin tone and was truly easy to apply. It is most definitely perfecting, I have never been so delighted with the texture of my skin under a liquid foundation. I panicked when I saw how shiny my face was though, my skin is naturally oily so anything ‘dewy’ is predestined to look greasy. A dusting of my trusty, translucent powder though and the finish was lovely. Translucent powder does absolutely zip for me in the humid summer months and sadly, this foundation may be a winter go to with such a dewy finish. I checked on my face only a couple of times during the day and did not notice any excessive creasing or shine and zero unpleasant oxidation. Also, when 5 o’clock hit I didn’t feel like I needed to rush home and wash my face. Just a few routine touch ups before dinner and my face survived well into the evening. I love the glow and luminous lift this product gave my face during the dull, winter day and will continue using as part of my daytime routine. So far, no sign of break outs or irritation – I am sold, already one of my favorite products from BECCA.

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