Get Set

Making my way to the door, I was sucked into an end-cap at Ulta stocked with various Laura Geller products. I loved the clean, fresh, understated packaging and I immediately wanted all of it. I knew I had to try the Hydrating Spackle and the Gelato Swirl Illuminator looked down right edible but exercising all of the self-control that I could muster I only left with a handful of products; one of them being this gorgeous Filter Finish Setting Powder. My oily skin requires the daily use of a serious setting powder or else I am melting by lunch time, if not sooner. I have used pressed powders, loose powders, tinted powders, shimmery powders and have yet to find one that I cannot live without. My current staple is BECCA’s Blotting Powder, a no nonsense, no frills setting powder that I picked up this summer and have continued using with few complaints. I like this powder as it truly is translucent, it doesn’t wash me out nor provide any unwanted tint and does not need constant touching up. My only complaint is that it is just so boring, it’s no wonder that I was instantly giddy over a radiant compact of pastel prisms and silky goodness. Sadly, I am a sucker for pretty compacts so how did this one stack up? I was excite over the lavender and green flecks but a tad nervous about the bronze ones thinking that this would add too much color. Using this product for a little under a week now, I am mostly pleased with the results. I love the additional redness correction and the pearly glow, it honestly does filter your skin tone providing a flawless finish. I was worried that it would cause shine as it does appear shimmery in the compact but it truly is radiant. The bronze adds just the perfect amount of sun-kissed pick me up while setting and enhancing my under eye concealer. My only complaint is that it didn’t last all day for me, I wash shiny by 5 o’clock. I don’t necessarily blame the product for this issue, if you have normal skin then you are probably going to love the way this powder wears. This is not a deal breaker for me though, this is one of few powders that has applied and stayed silky through out the day and this a big win for my sensitive skin. Also, there was little to no creasing, even with my oil production I did not feel cakey. I will continue using while switching up my primer and foundation to see if I cannot get improved staying results. It really is a delightful end to my makeup application even if it does require a little extra maintenance.

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