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I tend to need touching up around my mouth a few times a day with all of the talking, laughing and eating, talk about unsightly creases. I love my trusty blotting powder for nose and forehead touch ups but the mouth region gets real cakey with repeated application. Enter, Mally Beauty’s Face Defender – I was interested in this product as it is advertised to flawlessly finish your makeup without looking dry or ashy and does not require touching up. Reading the reviews, consumers either loved this product or they hated it and I was hoping that I would love it. I took the plunge and am sadly, a little underwhelmed.

First impressions, the sponge is very luxe, soft and perfectly shaped for those hard to reach nooks and crevices. Downside, this lovely sponge does not fit in the compact but not a huge deal as I often replace compact sponges anyway. The compact itself is very nice quality and includes a lovely, little mirror. The product is like no other, I honestly have no idea what is made of but reminds me of a giant pan of eyebrow wax with a touch more pliable texture and is totally colorless. I truly wanted to love this product, just dab it on for a flawless face, it seems so simple but I have not gotten the hang of it. First off, I can never tell if I have picked up any product or not! Being totally transparent and weightless, you cannot actually see the product on the sponge. Unfortunately, rather than finishing my foundation it picks it up and leaves me with bare patches. I have tried rubbing the sponge in the pan to be extra sure that I am picking up enough product but oddly, this makes it pill up and not any easier to apply. I have tried firmly dabbing and then stippling with feather light pressure on my face with no luck. I don’t know if it is really doing anything to preserve my foundation and had almost given up but it occurred to me that if primer came in a solid state that it would be this exact product.  Ditching the suggested usage, I have started applying as primer to areas prone to creasing ie under eyes, laugh lines, chin and any red spots that need beaucoup coverage. Surprisingly, I can honestly say that I see a major difference. It is weird that when applied to nearly bare skin I actually see how the product is intended to work. It really does diminish pores and blur lines, the texture is dreamy like butter, foundation appears flawless and stays so even after many laughs and several cups of coffee. Also, the texture of my skin is even more fabulous in the areas that I have applied this defender. I have been using it every day for almost two weeks and have not  noticed any of the reported break out issues that I read out about in online reviews – yay. I am however a bit disappointed, at this price point I was hoping that it would do exactly as advertised but pleased with the alternate use that I have found for it. It is like insurance for your primer, yes this does seem redundant but you cannot argue with these results! If anyone has any pointers on how to use this appropriately though, please let me know – I feel like I am totally missing something.

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