Are We Done Yet?

I feel like cold and flu season has been a 4-month Battle Royale this year and thought that I was going to make it to spring in perfect health – ah, stupid me. I am settling into day 4 of the stomach flu and it is gorgeous outside, we are going to have a Minnesotan heat wave of 47 degrees today! Alas, being sick is the perfect time to pamper yourself if you are up to getting out of bed. Here are a couple of my favorite comfort products that never fail to pick me up when I am sick.

With the fever and running nose, my lips and nose take a beating getting severely chapped quick. When no run of the mill lip balm will do, I bust out the Salve. I grew up on the original Rosebud Salve and credit my fondness for anything rose to the wonderful memories this scent evokes. For instant cooling and soothing I use the Menthol and Eucalyptus flavor, this one is sans the rose scent but the same non-greasy, quick absorbing formula as the original. rosebud-menthol-eucalyptusI goop it on under my nostrils and around my mouth for instant chap relief. I am loving that you can buy these products in tubes – I ran into a lovely little trio at Ulta and have been phasing out my tins ever since. An oldie but a goodie and I cannot get enough.

Nothing is more delightful than a hot bath when you are suffering from fatigue and body aches. For a comforting, luxurious bath I turn to Dr. Teal’s line of body wellness products. My bath recipe requires 1 full cup of the lovely lavender scented Soothe & Sleep epsom salt formula and a 1/2 cup of their Relax & Relief foaming bath with its head clearing eucalyptus and spearmint scent. I like my bath water scalding and I get almost an entire 45 minutes of almost not feeling like garbage.

Lastly, don’t forget to hydrate! I love tea all of the time but my fav for soothing a sore throat is Sweet and Spicy by Good EarthIt is a robust cinnamon and orange tea that works wonders for a stuffy nose and raw throat. Holy caffeine though, stick to your chamomile for bedtime.

The first day of spring is just under a month away, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Cheers to your health! gold lips



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