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Don’t Be a Tool

Recently I was asked why I spend 20$ on a makeup sponge, after not peeing my pants I asked myself the same question. Is the beautyblender really, honestly worth this much cash – hands down, yes. I have never achieved truly flawless results using a variety of foundation brushes from drugstore to luxury brands and everything in between. For years I just assumed that since I used mineral powder and given my skin issues I was destined to have cakey, uneven foundation. To compound my brush issues, I found that the bristles on many irritated my skin and pricked the most sensitive areas resulting in little specks of blood (gross). Finally switching from mineral foundation, I ditched the brush and purchased my first beautyblender on the recommendation of my dermatologist. Out of the box it did seem much like any other beauty sponge but perhaps a bit softer and a tad more porous. The attribute that I loved the most was the shape but I didn’t immediately see any other superiority but was prepared to be amazed., get your sponge damp, this is an absolute must as it prevents the sponge from soaking up your product and makes it extra buoyant for beautiful stippling. Second, dip or pump your product (start with roughly half of what you would spend on a brush) onto your blender and bounce – I start with the heaviest application on forehead, cheekbones and chin then bounce out to evenly distribute. The shape is wonderfully versatile, just use the broad end for large areas and the pointy end for under eyes or other small areas that need a precise touch. Or, if you have not tried the do it – these are great for concealer and color corrector. They are teenie but I do not feel they are hard to handle as other reviewers have expressed. I apply everything that goes on my face with various blenders; BB cream, concealer, color corrector, highlighter and yep – even pressed powder. Third, which is truly the beauty part, cleaning your sponge is a breeze compared to cleaning brushes. I rinse them well with warm water after each use and every 3 days I wash them with Dr. Bronner’s but you can also buy cleanser from beautyblender. Then I just leave them on a soap dish to dry. These sponges last for-ever, no hint of shedding or falling apart. When one does start to get shabby, I transition it to another use ie skin serum or night cream. Like I said, I literally use one to apply most anything that touches my face. They do seem to stop shrinking all the way down to their original size at some point. You will think that new ones seem to be smaller but this really does not change their performancegold lips in my opinion. I use half the product and get as close to a flawless face as I ever will be in half the time as I would with a brush. If you haven’t tried one – what are you waiting for, get bouncing!


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