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Aren’t You Glad I Didn’t Say Orange?

Spring is in the air and this means new products from some of my most beloved brands. At the top of my wish list was a cutting edge, brand spanking new hybrid foundation formula  from tarte. Their Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation is formulated with hyaluronic acid to smooth and improve your skin’s texture, plump, reduce pores and provide full coverage that lasts for 12 hours. This product truly sounded like a miracle in a jar and oh, it is rose scented so you know I had to have it. I ordered this reported miracle-worker from Ulta, cashing in on some points and colour me disappointed. The packaging is lovely and the heavy duty, frosted glass jar looks fabulous on my vanity but lets talk about the contents. 20160228_182039First off, I had not used a tarte foundation before and shame on me for ordering this product online without having the opportunity to swatch it. I did cross comp20160228_182157are to shades from other brands that I am familiar with and since I almost always luck out with the fairest shade, I thought that the fair-light neutral would be almost perfect. But as soon as I cracked that seal, I knew it wasn’t going to be a good match for my fair skin. Honestly, it does not look too bad on my hand but as soon as I started applying to my face – holy orange. It looks so dramatically different outside of the jar that I can’t help but wonder if it reacted with something else on my face and oxidized. At any rate, if you are a fair skinned gal I would recommend skipping this one. Second, it doesn’t smell like roses – it just smells like regular foundation. Sad face. I do love the overall texture, it reminded me of pudding at first but it is pretty dreamy. foundation x2And who knows, maybe rubbing pudding on my face would be dreamy too? It blends flawlessly and feels really as though you are just applying a thirst-quenching face cream without being overly heavy or cakey. The claims that it is cooling are true, my skin felt soothed and refreshed after application. I was truly impressed with the coverage and the pore refining quality but couldn’t get over how orange I looked! I really wanted to give it a fair shake so I did wear it out and about, it was orange in natural lighting and even more-so in fluorescent, I am so bummed. It wears great, it does not budge with only minimal creasing over my regular primer. My skin looked fresh and hydrated under this foundation. Granted, I only wore it for about 5 hours and cannot speak to the 12 hour claim but if you can find a good shade match, the wear of this foundation will amaze you.

I ordered a couple of other items from their Spring 2016 line that I am loving and the quality of this brand is awesome but this product just didn’t do it for lips


  1. Oh wow that is so unfortunate! It is so hard to find a foundation that will not oxidize after a few hours. Were you able to return it? I always ask for samples at Sephora or beauty counters for that reason now!

    • I know! Super bummed, I did send it back – I should have known better. Love the sample idea, I should really make a better habit of that 🙂

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