Radiance is Bliss

I don’t play the ‘Dupe Game,’ mostly because I am lazy and when I find something I love I just stick with it and pray it doesn’t get discontinued. However, I do love a bargain and won’t hesitate to swap out a staple for a more economic product if I stumble upon one.I am addicted to First Aid Beauty, their products are not only highly effective but they just feel so no-nonsense and wholesome. They don’t need flashy packaging or a gimmick, the quality speaks for itself. My face regimen would not be complete without their Facial Radiance Pads – they are awesome at keeping my jaw line blemish free and improving the overall texture of my skin. Now, I have a bad habit of reading gossip websites and ran into the celebrity endorsed, up and coming brand Nip + Fab. Some of their products sound scary with the blood and the venom and whatnot but I was curious about their Glycolic Fix Night Pads that seemed to have a lot in common with my beloved FAB face pads. Both claim to brighten, tighten, exfoliate and improve skin texture. Both list glycolic and lactic acid as main ingredients and claim to be OK for use on sensitive skin. My FAB pads do list a whole host of  botanical elements in addition to the acid blend but at roughly 12$ for the Nip  + Fab pads, I was willing to at least try them out. First impressions, they appear identical to the First Aid Beauty pads in size and texture but they have a very pungent odor. If you have ever used a sulfur face mask, these will smell familiar and the odor doesn’t dissipate after application – your face just kind of smells. The overall application was much the same with just a slight tingle but definitely more pronounced redness in my cheeks. While my skin did appear brighter immediately after, my chin and forehead felt dry the morning following. While FAB lists ‘alcohol free’ on the jar, Nip + Fab does not and I suspect this may be a contributor to the drying factor. I did use the entire jar but I had to limit to every other day as these pads are definitely more gold lipsharsh than my preferred brand. They do claim to be akin to a face peel and could be just the potency that some are looking for. If you don’t have sensitive skin, these might be great for you but I guess I have to keep paying twice as much for those added botanicals 😉


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