Confessions of a Palette Junkie

20160306_181118Who doesn’t love a gorgeous palette, loaded with goodies to strike anyone’s fancy with the possibility of limitless combinations – what isn’t there to love? As my palette collection has grown and I find myself drooling over more – I have to ask myself if they are really worth it. My very first palette was UD’s Naked2 this one appealed to me more than the original due to the metal case with hinged lid that made it fairly portable. Also, I was drawn to the cooler tones that tend to work better with my fair skin. That being said, it really is no wonder that this palette has gotten the most mileage. I use foxy, half-baked, tease and verve on a weekly if not every day basis. But still, this is only 4 of the 12 shades that I have hit pan on. As for the original Naked, virgin, sin and hustle are my cannot live without staples. I don’t even want to talk about Naked3 and the two shades that I use 😦 Sadly, this is a trend with various other palettes that I own, I love a few shades and seek them out in singles if and when they become available. It isn’t the quality, all of the palettes that I own are of fabulous quality with beautiful pigmentation but I just don’t get enough use out of them to keep investing in them. Give me an all-over base, a little shimmer, a crease shadow and a high drama shade that can be used as liner and I am set. Ladies, this is what we call a quad and personally where I get more bang for my buck. Now, if you enjoy changing up your eye look more often than I do, you may love the versatility of the palettes but once I find something I like, it sticks. I have made a personal goal to try and be a little more adventurous and use up as much of my existing palettes I am able, moving forward I will be striving to buy singles or quads. (Urban Decay – please, please release hustle in a single)! 20160306_181138.jpg

Charlotte Tilbury has several quads that are to die for, at 52$ for 4 shadows that I know I will use entirely, I feel I am getting my money’s worth. IT Cosmetics also has several quality trios on the market that are a great value at 24$ apiece. I think it is finally time to kick the palette habit 😦 gold lips


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