Colour Me Crazy

Having been a theater kid I am no stranger to color correcting, relying on Ben Nye to cover my rosacea flare ups, acne and whatever else that ails me. Two things here, their products are quality but truly are professional stage makeup and I didn’t love using everyday, there just have not been a lot of other options out there. Second, it is hard to come by – you can find their hugely popular Banana Powder on Amazon but otherwise you are catalogue ordering. So color me elated when some of my favorite brands started dropping lines of color correctors!

The first on my radar was of course UD’s  Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid, with five different shades they’ve got you covered. Sadly, after swatching I did not purchase as they are the exact same formula as their Naked Skin Complete Coverage Concealer and I couldn’t commit. But BECCA had my back, with their launch of four color correcting products that are the same dreamy, creamy, highly blendable formula as their concealers and under eye-brightener. If you have not tried their concealers, they are fabulous. They are super pigmented but blend beautifully, they don’t budge but also don’t feel heavy. I am delighted to share that the same goes for their new correctors. As a fair skinned gal, here is my color correcting regimen:

Under Eye Brightening Corrector: undereyeTo combat under eye darkness, this pearly, pink concealer is am-azing! After prep and prime, I use a mini blender to apply, blend out with concealer, set and watch my eyes pop. A little goes a long way, I have had this jar for over a month and maybe half-way through it.


Ultimate Coverage Concealer Creme in Banana: To cancel out large areas of redness such as rosacea or ruddiness in general, I use this concealer instead of a yellow corrector. I know that there are several new fluids out there, so if you don’t need heavy coverage maybe give one of those a whirl.banana

Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector in Pistachio: This provides serious acne coverage, apply to small, precise areas not as an all over redness corrector as this will white out your foundation.No, your face does not look tinted green if you blend out appropriately. green

Ultimate Coverage Concealer Creme in Praline: After you have applied your color correctors, you will want to carefully stipple your regular concealer over top (call me crazy, I am a concealer under foundation girl)…This fair, pink concealer is my go to for basic coverage. Over top of my correcting work, I can actually use less concealer. praline

It seems like a lot of work but color correctors are awesome for targeting different skin discoloration that concealer alone struggles to tackle. Do you need the mini blenders, no – but how freaking cute are they?! If you have not explored color correcting, this is so much more than a trend and I highly recommend giving it a whirl!

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