Balm’s Away

I realize that beauty balms are so 2 years ago but I cannot express how pleased I am that we now have so many BB’s available stateside. After trying several from various brands, I keep going back to Dr. Jart+ who is arguably the resident expert when it comes to BB’s. I just love the way these products wear and do exactly what they claim to, I have so far not been disappointed. I love that these products promote healthier skin, made without parabens and packed with botanicals, I feel good about using them.

One of the very first BB’s I was introduced to was Dr. Jart’s Black Label Detox BB and to this day it remains an absolute must have. As mentioned in a previous review of this BB, it is only available in one shade that appears to be grey-tinted out of the tube and can be a little daunting. I don’t know how it works but what I thought would be an absolute ‘no’ turned out to blend seamlessly with my skin tone. About a pump and a half provides medium blemish coverage, blurs pores and evens your skin tone. What I love most about this BB is how fresh it makes my face look, it is like my skin on steroids plus it packs some serious SPF. While I definitely agree that it does provide moisture, I still adhere to my regular moisturizing and toning regimen but you can really skip the primer as this product provides a flawless base. 20160319_213134

Having had such luck with this formula, I had to try another and picked up their Radiance BB. This one is peachy toned with neutral undertones and noticeably thinner than the Black Label. I reserve this one for good skin days,  I love the dewy finish but it is definitely more sheer. This formula offers the same complexion enhancing benefits and can easily be worn in place of a primer. This BB also has awesome staying power, plenty of SPF and I keep it in the rotation for low maintenance days. Though reminiscent of tinted moisturizers in texture, they don’t feel greasy or tacky and provide a much more matte finish that won’t get ashy throughout the day.

As someone who has always been suspicious of universal shades, I cannot rave enough about these two BB’s. They enhance all of the good stuff about my complexion without making me feel like I am just wearing more makeup.  They make me feel confident in my own skin 🙂

(pictured on the left is Black Label and right is Radiance)

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