Who Needs Beads?

I know, I know – late to the party on this one too, the bead has been officially banned (yay)!! And yet I was surprised to see how many micro-bead products are still for sale at my local Target! Doing my research, manufactures are required to discontinue or reformulate their products containing micro-beads by mid – 2017, holy woah. I know that many have already made the switch to ‘beadless’ exfoliants but for those of you who are hooked – you don’t need ’em and neither do our waterways! Here are a couple of my all time awesome exfoliants for radiant skin:

For all over body sloughing, nothing beats a bar of LUSH Cosmetics Porridge. I received a sample of this soap but did not use it until I was desperate for a remedy to a gluten-induced skin flare up. Porridge is like a more convenient oatmeal bath that gently exfoliates dry skin and leaves you glowing and baby soft. I don’t use it everyday unless I am having issues but the lather is incredible and ultra-conditioning, so you probably could. The scent is light, warm and perfectly lovely. porr.PNG

For exfoliating my sensitive face, I turn to another LUSH product, their Oatfix face mask. I hate bananas, they make me gag and I was totally not going to let myself be talked into this product but it isn’t overwhelmingly banana scented. In fact, the oat elements were what stuck out to my olfactories the most. Not only are you getting all of the soothing benefits from the oats, you get added exfoliation from finely ground almonds. The results are beautifully even, soft skin. I love the small batches and affordability of this face mask, a small tub lasts me about a month with moderate usage. Capture

These are only two of the amazing options out there to replace those micro-bead face and body products. There are also loads of serums packed with exfoliating acids to tighten and brighten if you don’t think that the natural route will work for you. Whatever you choose, let’s not wait until 2017, #banthebead now!

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