Buffered Zone

Cystic acne is the migraine of acne and unfortunately, I am prone to cystic breakouts. Cystic acne erupts in very large, deep sore-like blemishes that are darn near impossible to clear up with conventional treatments. For years, I would just have these extracted but this can be costly and as my skin has aged I have been more concerned about potential scarring. Miraculously, I do not have any acne scars and want to keep it this way. Desperate for at home relief, my dermatologist recommended a buffering lotion. Enter Mario Badescu’s Buffering Lotion that can be found at ULTA and is reasonably priced. bufferThis wonder lotion does not look like much but it is the most effective topical treatment I have used so far. While it claims to be a lotion, you will find this sulfur-based liquid very much on the runny side but this does not hamper the application. After thoroughly washing and toning, I just apply with fingertips to areas that need it. The gritty texture surprised me and I couldn’t believe that it was really going to absorb into my skin but it did in seconds! It is very potent during application, once it absorbs the odor is non-existent. The anti-inflammatory properties are amazing and it definitely helps to reduce redness. I feel that what could take 2 weeks to clear up is now eradicated in half the time. I use this lotion to not only treat eruptions but also as a preventative measure and am pretty impressed with the results. It can be fairly drying, just stick to the directions on the bottle and you shouldn’t suffer major issues. Overall, I love the way it makes my skin feel after applying and have experienced much more moderate breakouts since adding this to my regimen.

This is a great product but in addition to this, I cannot stress the importance of a balanced diet if you are a cystic acne sufferer, get plenty of fruits and veggies. Also, stay away from those refined sugars – I get it, sometimes a girl just needs a doughnut but your skin will thank you 🙂 If you are looking for a topical treatment for cystic acne, most definitely check out this lotion.

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