Summertime Blues

I am bummed posting this review because tarte is one of my favorite brands; their products are top quality, the packaging is always beautiful and typically I have a lot of success with their line! Summertime means bare skin, with all of the outdoor activities and fresh foods, I love flaunting my warm weather complexion. Warm weather means breaking the wintertime skin routine and reaching for those skin perfecting serums and tinted moisturizers. tarte.PNG

tarte’s Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer appeared to be the perfect addition to my summer beauty bag and I picked up a tube in ivory at my local ULTA. This product got rave reviews online (it was even given a Reader’s Choice Award), it is praised as being lightweight, easy to apply with good pigmentation. Unfortunately, I found this product to be very drying and near impossible to blend. Using my BB I applied in the same way that I would foundation but as soon as I went back to blend, the moisturizer had already dried! No amount of dabbing or stippling could get this product dispersed evenly. The texture is rich and creamy but looked like chalk on my skin, settling in every pore and crease. As someone with oily skin, I am always shocked when I find a product to be drying. bbThe color was all wrong too, which is what disappointed me the most since I was pleased with the swatch in the store (isn’t that always the way)? The Ivory shade was advertised as fair with pink/yellow undertones, I was surprised how washed out this moisturizer looked after a few hours. Instead of a healthy, bare skin look – I looked like I had been doused in cornflower. Reading up more on the Amazonian Clay formula, it is touted to absorb oil so perhaps my sensitive skin just hyper-reacted and others may have better luck. Also, looking at other bloggers’ photos of this moisturizer, it really looks stunning so it could just be me! Some reviewers recommended mixing this with your daily moisturizer but that seemed to defeat the main usage of this product and I did not try this approach. At any rate, this one went back to the store and I am still pretty bummed about it! There are several items from this  brand that I adore and I will have to dig out some of my favs to review. If you have not tried tarte, definitely check it out but maybe skip on this moisturizer 🙂

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