Red in The Face

I was enjoying a really great skin streak these last few weeks and knew that it couldn’t last. Disaster struck sometime in the night and I woke up with an itchy, red rash on my face and neck. My best guess is that I ate or was exposed to something I am allergic to which happens often, unfortunately. The worst part of having a reaction like this is that you never know what is going to further irritate the condition. Here are my favorite, no-nonsense makeup items that are perfect for covering hideous skin rashes:

Laura Gellar’s Spackle Treatment in Soothing, I keep this in the refrigerator to give it extra soothing power but it feels nice on angry skin at room temp as well. It is green tinted so it aids with covering inflammation but not nearly as pigmented as a green concealer. This is only 1 of 2 Spackles that I use, they are thinner than most primers but work just as well with evening your skin tone and keeping your makeup in place.

For heavy duty concealing, I use BECCA’s Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme in praline. I use a very light hand, it is easy to want to go overboard and apply too much makeup but this just cakes up and sets in my pores. For serious coverage with all day staying power, I reach for another BECCA product, Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme in porcelain. This foundation is amazing, it will literally cover anything and it stays matte all day. I also love that it does not add to my skin irritation, it isn’t hard to blend either so you aren’t fussing with it and rubbing your face. Finally, I skip setting spray as I can find them too harsh sometimes and use a mattifying powder instead for all day staying power. Less is more in this for instance, the less touching and prodding the better. Huge thanks to the power of makeup for making me feel like a human being today and thank goodness it is Wednesday!


As a testament to how amazing this foundation is, that red area on my neck is what my face is currently covered in. You can see it peeking through on the right side of my face but this is after 8 hours at least and getting rained on!

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