Just the Essentials

I love essential oils, a spritz of tangerine here, a little ylang ylang over there – it takes just a few drops to invigorate your senses. Aside from just being luxurious additions to a bath, essential oils are a hot trend on the beauty scene too. Vitamin E, coconut and grapeseed have been beauty regulars for awhile but more recently, more exotic oils such as argan and maracuja are also being utilized by major cosmetic brands. I was not shocked when I started seeing more serums and creams with my beloved rosehip oil in them and no wonder – this stuff is truly amazing.

The Book of Flower Fairies
The Book of Flower Fairies

I love this oil for many reasons but again, I am addicted to all things rose because of the childhood memories, there are lots of other awesome oils out there to add to your skincare routine. But here is why I recommend rosehip 🙂 First off, this is a very light oil that absorbs quickly without leaving a residue. I apply 3-4 drops before moisturizer and it seems like my face honestly drinks this stuff up. Before adding this to my skin care routine, I would get that tight skin feeling towards the end of the day but this oil has totally cured that. Second, this oil is chalk full of fatty acids and antioxidants that will really make your skin glow. I hate my skin but with continued use, I have noticed how much more supple and even-toned my face has become (I am not even bragging)! I was plagued with the beginning of fine lines around my mouth due to pursing (shame, shame) and this oil has made a major difference. I also love the way it helps to treat acne marks and speed up the healing process. It’s not just for your face either, I use on my elbows, heels and any dry patches that crop up for instant relief. rosehip oil pic

I order mine from Amazon and my favorite brand is Poppy Austin, I do buy the organic oil but I cannot testify to this being better than non-organic. You could spend 40-50$ on a higher end brand but 20$ for 2 ounces is not bad for a simply lovely product. Also, if you have not tried rose water as a toner, it is a must! It smells divine and the brightening properties are unbeatable. If you are wondering if an essential oil is right for you, check them out!

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