Prime Time

It is probably safe to say that anyone who wears makeup knows the importance of primer  and the benefits it adds to your beauty routine. Eyelid primer, lip primer – these are obvious but an eyelash primer was totally new territory to me when I received a sample of UD’s Subversion. At the time, I did not jump at the the opportunity to use this product. I have zero complaints regarding the two mascaras that I use on the regular and didn’t think that they needed anything more. Looking for a little oomph one evening I decided to give it a whirl and seeing as how I have purchased at least 6 more tubes since then, I was obviously addicted.


This stuff immediately phattens up your lashes to give your mascara a boost plus it conditions them to improve their thickness and length over time. The formula is thick and creamy, I usually apply two coats to get them good and primed then follow up with two coats of mascara.This primer makes it easier to apply mascara, your wand will just glide over your lashes. And goodbye clumps, even though this was not a major issue for me before it was amazing to experience no clumping at all. I love everything about it while I am wearing but am also amazed at how much easier it makes removing mascara. I have used the same eye-makeup remover for ages and have been able to use less with fewer swipes since having added this primer to my routine. This is a big win for me, I hate rubbing the delicate area around my eyes. I cannot attest to the longer lashes claim but have noticed thicker lashes and I love it. If you love your mascara but are looking for a little something more, try this out! This product is so worth it and will quickly become a part of your priming routine.

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