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Shine On

I am a bare lip gal, I don’t have the patience to reapply lipstick throughout the day. I have gradually become more comfortable with my ColourPop Ultra-Matte lippies but still reserve them for special occasions and forget about touch ups. I so rarely seek out new lip products so props to NYX Cosmetics and their damn adorable packaging for sucking me in. Seriously though, how stinking cute are these tubes of Pump it Up Lip Plumper:


Not totally sure that I need a lip plumper but how could it hurt and for 4$, I was willing to take a gamble. These glosses remind me of the original Buxom lip polishes before they were reformulated and I had to quit using them. They have that subtle mint scent and the plumping agent causes a refreshing tingle. They make my lips feel smooth and hydrated, I have been using all day and am loving them. Do they really plump? I cannot say for sure but I love the high shine factor. Don’t expect a ton of colour as they are glosses and provide just a touch of tint. The applicators are also a nice size, unsure if others have this problem but sometimes the applicators have me applying way too much or too little product. I am pleased with the consistency, thick enough that you know you have something on but not to the point of being too tacky or heavy. My local ULTA only had three colours, boo:


Lindsay: Shimmery, light pink. Angelina: Totally nude with shimmer. Elizabeth: Which is my overall favorite, a dusty rose without the shimmer.

They are totally portable and a breeze to apply on the go. I adore these glosses so far and I will definitely be seeking out a few more colours to add to my collection!


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