C – Me

I am in the throws of a Vitamin C/anything citrus bender, I think it is due to the prolonged winter that we are experiencing. Vitamin C does amazing things for the complexion; brightens, refines the appearance of pores, fosters collagen production as well as reduces the appearance of acne marks and brown spots. Not to mention, it smells amazing. The Intense Defense line by Avalon Organics has been a long time favorite of mine, they are incredibly effective for a good price. Typically I can find these products at Whole Foods or Walgreens but have been unable to get my hands on a bottle of their daily moisturizer. On the hunt for something comparable, I came upon Picture Perfect Daily Moisturizer by Formula 10.0.6. This was a total blind buy and I mostly went based off of the decent online reviews.

This moisturizer is formulated with guava and vitamin C which I was very excited about and has SPF as an added bonus! It is not organic but also does not contain anything too scary. I am disappointed with the absence of any actual citrus scent 😦 However, I am pleased at how non-greasy this moisturizer is, even with the SPF it is very light and creamy. Some reviewers noted that they did feel that this product was greasy but I totally disagree. Not only did it absorb completely and relatively quickly, it was exceptionally matte and stayed that way all day. For being so lightweight, it was still surprisingly moisturizing. It is too soon to determine whether or not all of the claims of refining and smoothing are true but I am definitely going to continue using. Unsure if I will seek out my Intense Defense when I have used this all up but am pretty pleased for now. I also picked up a couple of citrus packed masks from this line and am happy to report that they do possess the citrus fragrance I was craving πŸ™‚

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