Define Me

Being honest, I thought that the highlighting and contouring craze was totally mental and would not last longer than my perm in the 5th grade. I was obviously wrong and after watching 500 (at least) makeup tutorials that make this trend turned craze look effortless I decided to dabble. There are loads of luxurious palettes out there for attaining that perfect H&C but not being an expert here and not being able to trust myself with one of these, I have been testing out various concealers. I really wanted to experiment with a range of shades without breaking the bank and opted for yet another NYX Cosmetics product, their HD Concealer. tubes

Being a liquid, this product appealed to me because the last thing I wanted to do was add more weight to my face. The consistency is definitely what I was looking for, this concealer probably wouldn’t be best for hiding blemishes but is perfect for my intended use. Also, I find that many shades in the .5 – 1.5 range can be very yellow but these shades that I picked up are surprisingly pink! IRound-contour have very pale skin and settled for 02, 03 for highlighters and 06 for my contour. After staring at my face for some time, I have determined that I have a round face and somewhat following this guide (Modern Salon) attempted my first true H&C. I applied 02 as my main highlighter and used 03 for under eyes and nose area and it didn’t come out too bad. I used a very light hand and just dotted the concealer on rather than in streaks then blended with mini BB’s. Lesson learned, these concealers have more staying power if you let them dry for a few minutes. They wear great though, I didn’t notice any obvious creasing or settling and they didn’t break up in my oily areas. The contour shade was just enough to give me some colour and a little definition without looking too bold. The BF said he didn’t know what I was telling him to look at so maybe too subtle or maybe boys don’t know anything (whatever)? faceAt any rate, I am going to pick up this concealer in 07 and see what that does for me. This is definitely not something that I would take the time to do everyday, maybe just when I want to feel ultra-glam and like I have cheekbones ;). I enjoyed my fun very amateur attempt at this beauty technique and maybe someday will trust myself with one of those fabulous, pro palettes.

Disclaimer, Dermablend covers anything and yes, I do have a ‘normal’ day job 😛


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