Shake, Rattle and Shimmer

A few trips to ULTA to restock on some BECCA staples left me with a handful of Shimmering Skin Perfector samples in opal and I finally gave it a whirl this weekend. I am pretty familiar with this product in the compact form but the liquid was a total mystery to me. Should I apply before foundation, in place of primer, as a finale – I had no idea. The consistency, which is very thin ruled it out as a primer plus the colour would have been too bold for my skin tone. It was so runny though that I just didn’t think it would do anything after my face was on. shimmerStumped, I decided to apply it under my foundation to my forehead and cheeks, this was mostly a fail and after I applied foundation only the shimmer effect was still visible. I adore the peachy hue and really wanted more colour pay off, I applied more after I set my foundation and it was just lovely. This is not a product that I would have picked up but now that I have it, I am left wondering how have I been living without it?! I was skeptical of how thin it was at first but find that this makes it a dream to blend out for a subtle flush. Also, it is really forgiving if you slather too much on (oops) it is easy to even out and not look like a disco ball. It is so lightweight that I hardly felt as though I had applied anything additional and even once it dried, it still felt great on my face. It does not appear to be sweat proof but held up OK for a hot day with lots of activity. Another win, while the pressed/poured perfectors have too much shimmer for me this liquid provides more glow than shimmer and more colour saturation.

Lastly, I think that I have finally found a replacement for my beloved bareMinerals All Over Face Color which I did not think was possible (and is a little bittersweet). I currently use pure radiance, the shade and overall effect of these products is almost identical and I am happy to rotate another powder out of my bag! Don’t get me wrong, this finely milled, peachy, shimmery and totally delightful powder is one of my favs and I have loved it for years but am ready for something new.

I don’t think I have ever been so delighted with a sample before and will surely purchase a full size one when I am ready!

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