Reign On

What a year for music, Bowie and now Prince. It amazes me that a complete stranger’s passing can resonate so deeply with one’s soul. Though we never meet these individuals, we feel as though we know them through their art. Perhaps it is because of this ethereal existence that we consider them larger than life and their succumbing to death is shocking. Before I moved to the metro, I had no idea where Chanhassen was but I knew where Paisley Park was. Sophomore through senior year, I was the kid with the raspberry beret. Let’s Go Crazy plays at a wedding, everybody dances. Batman is on television, you watch it to hear the soundtrack. Prince is and will always be as Minnesotan as the State Fair, hockey and hot dish. First Ave will always be the house that his Purpleness built, you can’t go there without snapping a photo under his star.  He threw it back to the locals with spontaneous concerts and dance parties, he was straight class. It is only fitting that it has been raining here all day, tonight we throw it back to you and mourn the loss of one of the greatest legends of our time with an all night dance party. You Reign Purple in Minneapolis tonight ❤


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