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Flower Power

Drew Barrymore is my ultimate girl crush, I just adore her. Quirky and adorable in Never Been Kissed, a classic beauty in Ever After and of course, total sex kitten in Charlie’s Angels. She has been a total beauty icon since ever and she just keeps getting better. I knew that she was the face of CoverGirl but almost peed my pants when I saw her on a posterย  for her very own cosmetics line Flower. This line is sold exclusively at Wal-Mart, thank goodness I get my produce there and can spot the beauty aisle from the avocado stand or else I never would have ventured over ๐Ÿ˜‰ Flower’s philosophy is to offer high quality products at affordable prices and they are nailing it!


The first item I tried from this line and that soon became a must have is their quadruple milled (count it) Powder Up loose setting powder. This is hands down the only powder that I cannot not live without. It is available in two shades, one for fair and one for dark complexions, it is as finely milled as powdered sugar. This is truly one of few powders that actually feels like it dusts rather than cakes on. While it is not completely translucent, I don’t find that it alters the shade of my foundation upon application. I love how soft and flawless this powder finishes my look. I turn to this powder in the summer time to keep my face from sweating off and when I need extra insurance for special occasions but would definitely recommend to anyone seeking a daily setting powder. This powder keeps my t-zone and nose in check all day and you don’t need a ton for hours of wear. Not only is this powder super affordable, you get a ton in the container. And let’s talk about the container that is totally tres luxe, it is a tad different in that the lid slides off entirely – I shake a little powder in the lid and pick it up with a powder brush. This gold-accented lovely reminds me of my super Southern grandmother’s body powder jar that she kept in her pastel bathroom ๐Ÿ™‚ and is a glam addition to my vanity counter.


(This does come with a cute little pouf but I work better with my powder brush)

This powder has been a fantastic, reliable addition to my beauty arsenal and I highly recommend! Flower has quite a few new products for 2016 and I cannot wait to try these out, I will be showing one of my fav drug store brands (and ultimate girl crush) a lot of love in blogs to come – I hope I inspire some of you babes to check it out!



  1. I didn’t know this was drew barrymores line lol! I always see it at Walmart but the prices are pretty high for products I’ve never used before lol. I think I’m gonna check them out now!!

    • Yea! I guess part of the strategy of making the line more affordable is they don’t spend money on advertising – I had no idea either. Good luck, hope you find something you love ๐Ÿ™‚

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