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Survivor: Beauty Island

Camping season is upon us and though I am a mountain girl who loves the great outdoors, pack-in/pack-out, only bring what you can carry expeditions aren’t totally conducive with my beauty game. I don’t consider my beauty routine excessive but I do like having a variety of products on hand to suit my varying fancies. Prepping for a camping trip is a lot like playing Stranded on a Desert Island – if you could only have this many things what would they be? Here are the products that made the cut for my Survivor beauty bag:

With limited space in the pack, the name of the game is multi-tasking. For serious face and body moisturizing that lasts in the driest climates, I reach for a tub of CeraVe’s no frills Moisturizing Cream. The beauty part about this cream is that you can apply it pretty much anywhere, it provides lasting moisture and it doesn’t sweat off. I’m not crazy about the tub for traveling so I use a baggie to pipe some product into a travel tube.

For a zero maintenance complexion boost and sun protection, I pack a tube of inner light mineral tinted moisturizer by aveda. This product leaves you mostly bare faced and is easily applied using just your finger tips. It soothes thirsty skin and is chalk full of yummy ingredients like lavender and tourmaline.

When you pack your own water, you don’t waste it on luxuries like washing your face. I am not crazy about face wipes but Burt’s Bee’s Pink Grapefruit Cleansing Towelettes are amazing! They are so refreshing and instantly brighten my complexion, even on the grittiest of days I feel cleansed.

Callouses, blisters, cuts, chapped lips and anything in between require a tin of NYX Cosmetics All Over Balm. I apply this at night on lips, under eyes and any dry patches for immediate relief. It is available in 3 pleasantly scented flavors and my current fav is the coconut. It does have a pretty low melting point, stick in the middle of your pack.

It ain’t pretty but I am mostly concerned about protecting my skin than looking pretty when enjoying nature. I am not one of those olive-toned, natural beauties and it’s pretty much a win if I make it back to civilization not looking like a piece of beef jerky. Anyway, I am psyched for camping season!

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