Double Duty, Two Times the Beauty

I am truly dedicating myself to hitting empty on more of my palettes, this weekend I busted out an eye/cheek palette from tarte that I hadn’t used yet. I have been striking out with this brand lately and didn’t know what to expect. The double duty beauty eye & cheek palette comes with 5 neutral eyeshadows and 1 blusher for endless day and night looks. The packaging is true to this brand being absolutely adorable with a magnetic closure and generous mirror. The Classic Courage palette is a very warm palette full of soft browns and shimmery roses, it was just what I needed for a dose of colour (and the cute inspirational makes me smile).

I did like the formula of the eyeshadows, there was more fall out than some other brands that I use but not a deal breaker, they set fine with primer. They are very buttery, a little light on pigmentation but totally buildable.

Smile on is a deep brown with a hint of shimmer that I used as added eyeliner for the evening

Rosy Outlook is a shimmery almost tangerine shade, I was expecting a rose gold but the outcome was lovely anyway

Rise and shine is a matte beige that provides a really nice base that brightens you up for a nice wide awake look

Lucky penny reminded me of sable, it also has some shimmer and worked great as a crease and outer lid colour

Trailblazer is a matte dark brown that I used as eyeliner for a daytime look

Courage the blusher is a matte rose and was the only part of the palette that I was not crazy about. I couldn’t get it to blend out, it just set wherever I put it. The colour is lovely but it was like – wow, holy blush.


I definitely think I found a winner with this little palette, it is very versatile and I love the mix of shimmer and matte eyeshadows that you can dress up or down. The formula has great staying power but if you need a touch up on the go, it is small enough to be totally portable. In comparison to other palettes you do get quite a bit of product for the price and I know that I feel good about being able to use every shade!


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