Katy Kat Scratch Fever

If I had to name one thing that I am truly, Olympically (I could win medals for being so bad at it) terrible at, it would be wearing lipstick. I so want to be able to wear it, I envy fabulous women who can wear flawless red pouts casually without getting it on their teeth or nose (this has happened to me) but alas. Unfortunately, this does not prevent me from buying it – who doesn’t love lipstick, it is gorgeous. I never buy the really sophisticated brands like Estee Lauder or YSL *gasp* but I love picking up tubes of drugstore brands. Cover Girl has the most adorable lip products and I cannot pass them up if they are on sale. The very first tube of ‘lipstick’ I received was a bubblegum pink Lipslick from my grandmother and I love the nostalgia of poking around the Cover Girl aisle.

If you have not heard, Katy Perry has teamed up with this beloved brand to launch the Katy Kat Collection. I have been keeping an eye out for this line but have not seen much at local retailers, I struck gold at Walgreens when I discovered a completely unsullied display packed with goodies. They only had the Katy Kat Matte lippies but there were plenty of shades to choose from. The packaging is simple but very cute and I picked up my standbys – a coral and a nude.


These lippies are demi-matte but definitely prep your lips prior to applying, I would not say that these are totally lacking in moisture but obviously less so than other lippies. Even being matte, these still have a great texture making them fairly simple to apply. I knew that they would not be totally matte but was surprised at how the first swipe reminded me of a satin finish, as you continue to build this product does become more matte. The colour saturation was fabulous, a little or a lot you are going to get a serious pop of colour. And those colours!


Coral Cat is definitely on the orange side of coral and would be the perfect finish to a warm, summer face. Sphinxy is a dreamy pink, beige that would work well with a ‘no makeup’ face or with some fierce eyes and big ‘ol lashes, I am undecided but plan to try both. Both shades are simply lovely, I plan to scope out a few more! If you cannot wear lipstick (for real though, I could not even get a good swatch :D) you can still dabble in the cheapies but goodies and have some fun mixing up your look.


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