Friday Night Face Time v1

I adore makeup, I have worn it almost everyday for the last…13 (eek) years and it just never gets boring. Even though I have a makeup routine it doesn’t feel monotonous, skincare on the other hand though wildly important can get boring. Cleanse, tone, treat, blah, blah, repeat and this is even with products that I love! I am of the age that my skin care is definitely a habit but more recently I have been finding ways to treat myself and invest in some ‘self-care’ time while doing my face right. Friday nights have turned into Golden Girls and takeout cheat night while pampering myself with a luxury skincare item. So, my Friday posts will now be ‘Friday Night Face Time’ – I am pretty sure this is not a thing but I am making it one 😉

In this for instance, luxury does not necessarily mean costly it more so defines a product that I would not use everyday and I will be including some splurges as well as cheapies but goodies. Tonight I am using a Peter Thomas Roth gel mask from the Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair line. I don’t often purchase this brand but have been using a couple of their rose products and they are a treat.


Rose products are amazingly beneficial for your skin; hydrating, toning, refining and suitable for most skin types. This mask looks like the tubs of hair gel my sisters used to get their hair crunchy but it is packed with yummy stuff including  4 different types of rose extracts and 5 different types of rose plant stem cells. I am not totally sold on the ‘stem cell’ part of this product, I don’t know how or if this makes this product better than others on the market but I do love the results. This mask is super hydrating and instantly soothes stressed skin, reduces inflammation and de-puffs. You can use this as a 10-15 minute treatment or as an overnight treatment in addition to your regular skin care products. I have tried both techniques and find that I get the same results. My skin feels softer, looks more radiant, supple and feels totally relaxed. I don’t use this often enough to speak to the long term claims but I do love the way my skin looks after using it on occasion. This is a fantastic product for sensitive skin, it does not irritate my face or cause breakouts. It is moderately rose scented, this dissipates as it dries but fair warning if you are not a fan.


This gel mask is probably one of my fav face treatments and I use it any time I need a pick me up. Packed with all of those roses, it just luscious ❤ Definitely check it out if you are looking to add a little luxury to your routine!


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