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Liebster Nomination!

I am pleased as punch that the lovely priteychic has nominated me for this fun award, I enjoy reading these posts and am excited to share my own: I am originally from southwest Colorado, I moved to Minnesota for college and have loved living here… Read More

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Dying to Try!

It has been raining non-stop for hours, being trapped inside means I’ve been browsing my favourite beauty sites and probably eating too much. This is good and bad – I can window shop all I want but usually talk myself into purchasing something I don’t… Read More

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May Empties!

First off, I would like to say that I just reached 100 followers and that was the coolest! When I started the blog I had wanted to blog everyday but life got in the way and since I have started blogging again, I have had… Read More

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Best of May

For my ‘Best Of…’ posts I have decided that I want to include other hobbies and interests of mine outside of just makeup. I know – shocking that I do have other interests 😉 There are lots of things that make life enjoyable, good food,… Read More