Black as Black

As a ginger it can be hard to find products that look natural – I used to pour over TeenCosmo, ELLE and loads of other magazines reading up on beauty tips and rules for my skin tone. When Almay started releasing those eye kits just for your eye color I was delighted, they had to look good because they followed all of the beauty rules (I seriously love those kits, not throwing any shade here) and I applied to the letter. The one beauty rule for redheads that I cannot get behind though is brown mascara (or ocher, what is that even?), I hate brown mascara. I wore it for years and it just didn’t do anything for me, I even stopped wearing mascara because I just didn’t see the point. Now, I am strawberry blonde so my eyebrows and eyelashes aren’t blonde and perhaps the brown works for fairer beauties but I could not find anything more boring. But I certainly could not wear black mascara *gasp* Joan Jett wears black mascara not me the beauty rule nerd…

But as I got older, I realized beauty can be a lot of fun while breaking a few rules and I picked up my very first tube of black mascara a few years back, Buxom lash mascara. I mean, the name says it all – this is the most attractive tube of mascara that one could ever own. The curves on this brush put the Kardashians to shame. Not too many bristles, just enough to evenly coat and black as black. For a mascara good girl, this was a fast product that broke all of the rules. It also made my eyes itch, so I had to quit wearing it but I didn’t stop wearing black mascara. My two standbys are Stellar Gaze by Pacifica and of course, Perversion by Urban Decay.

Pacifica is an amazing, all-natural brand and I love this vitamin packed mascara for my sensitive peepers. This is my every day, all day mascara. It lasts, doesn’t flake and does not bother my eyes. I have a friend that insists that natural products can cause allergic reactions too and I don’t disagree but I tend to have better luck using them. This mascara is richly pigmented with a beautiful, creamy texture and the brush is phat (or plush as the package describes πŸ˜‰ ). Supernova is a gorgeous black that will accentuate and elongate those lovely lashes. Coconut and vitamin B will condition, strengthen and make you feel good about using this product.


Perversion while not all natural doesn’t cause my eyes any issues and I love it for night wear. The brush is enormous and gets away from me so I tend to use this when I am taking too much time to put my makeup on. You get a big tube, at 12 ml. for 22$ you are getting quite a bit of product. This formula is also very rich and lasts without flaking, if you need to reapply throughout the evening you can and your lashes won’t feel hard or crisp. It is available in convenient little travel tubes for on the go use with a tad more manageable brush. Awesome formula, extreme volume with zero clumping.


Some rules are meant to be broken and I am glad that I ditched the brown mascara for something more rebellious. But in all honesty, I think that anyone could wear a sultry black mascara and look stunning. If you are looking for phat lashes, check either of these treasures out!!




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