Running on Empty!

If there is something that I enjoy more than buying new product it is finally hitting empty on something that I wasn’t in love with but couldn’t return (OK, I could return it but I feel like such a jerk returning makeup). It happened this morning, finally, I have finished my Urban Decay Weightless Complete Coverage concealer – I feel like I matriculated through middle school faster.

I have found very few UD products that I haven’t loved and I am disappointed that this concealer did not work for me. The packaging is sleek and small enough to be portable, I loved the brush – the tip bends making it easy to cover tricky areas but the formula just didn’t do it for me. I loved that it wasn’t quite a fluid and not quite a cream, this in between consistency made me think it would be great for blending. Unfortunately, I found it to be drying and a touch chalky. I am a fan of letting my concealer bake and at first thought that this is where I had gone wrong with this product. After I had let it bake for 10-15 minutes, it wouldn’t budge at all and  it just set on my skin.I tried dousing my BB to blend it out but this just wiped it off. I found that this concealer flash dries and must be blended pretty much immediately or it becomes a streaky mess. I had to ditch this as my main concealer and used it as a spot touch up concealer instead, sad face.


I purchased Fair neutral which is a touch on the yellow side for my pink skin tone but it worked well with my foundation. The coverage is really great and it doesn’t crease but it was just such a pain to apply. If I needed a little freshening up on the run, this product was perfect – just dab some on and blend but I cannot justify owning a concealer at this price point for just occasional touch ups. This concealer really does feel weightless, I didn’t feel like I was wearing tons of makeup even though I was getting tons of coverage. Sadly, I will not be repurchasing but there are so many other UD products that I enjoy, I cannot really complain.

What can I say – I didn’t hate it…? I guess that I wouldn’t recommend just totally skipping this product, there are quite a few things to like about it and maybe it will work for you 🙂


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