I love to know what other makeup addicts are wearing, I have discovered some of my favourite products exploring the countless beauty boards on Pinterest and various other social media outlets. Lately, I have been into all things discount and drugstore beauty, their are tons of these products making ‘Best of’ lists and there are so many items that I look forward to trying. There are a handful of brands that consistently make these lists but one that keeps catching my eye is Milani. The shade range is limitless, the packaging is chic and the name emanates exotic. I haven’t dabbled in this brand yet as I always see the same stuff at my local CVS and didn’t see anything that was a must have at the time. This past weekend though I saw a few new things that I decided to pounce on.

It is probably common knowledge by now that I am addicted to beauty oils. They deliver the perfect amount of long lasting moisture, they smell delicious and all without fillers or synthetic ingredients. I use oils on my hair, face, body and when I started seeing lip oils in the market – yes please. I knew I had to try Milani’s Moisture Lock Oil Infused Lip Treatments the moment I saw them. I wasn’t totally sold on the treatment part, when I think of a lip treatment, I think of something goopy that should be applied before bed. But this isn’t the reality in fact some plain old balms that I use can be categorized as ‘treatments’ and besides, they looked too delicious to pass up. There are 8 different flavours, each treatment is formulated with tsubaki, avocado and jojoba oils with the addition of another oil that targets your unique concern. I picked up Repairing Primrose (formulated with rose hip oil) and Moisturizing Almond Coco (formulated with coconut oil), these are two of my fav oils and figured they would be good starting points.


To start, the applicator is like nothing that I have seen before – I have been staring at it trying to determine the best description and I guess ‘flattened Q-tip’ is the best I can do πŸ˜‰ It is larger than most applicators, I have a Kylie Jenner pre-op top lip and struggled a tad to get an even application but not a deal breaker since this is often an issue. The consistency is so luscious and feels amazing, my lips were instantly quenched. Lip oil definitely feels different than a gloss (not greasy), my lips felt smooth without any of the stickiness of a gloss. These lip oils pack some high shine and made my lips feel plump and hydrated, probably more so than any other gloss or balm I have ever used. I am unsure of how long the hydration lasts because they smell and feel so good, I just kept applying. Oops. The coconut is my fav so far, it smells like summer and is crazy hydrating. The rose treatment smells lovely too, it is pink in the tube but I don’t feel like it gave my lips any colour. I was worried about leaks, the cap locks and I have not had any issues – who thinks this stuff up?!


tell me I am not right about this applicator though… πŸ™‚

I am definitely going to pick up a few more flavours and would recommend to anyone who is looking for serious moisture and something delicious to drench their lips in πŸ™‚


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