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I wasn’t going to review the Milani eye shadows that I purchased until I had used them all but I am just swooning over the ones that I used today and have to share. The Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eye Shadows are available in 31 shades offering a variety of metallics, shimmers and satin mattes. I purchased all neutrals but made sure to grab a metallic, satin matte and a shimmer so that I could get a feel for the available formulas. I didn’t know what to except from the ‘gel-powder’ verbiage, is it a gel, is it a powder, is it a gel that becomes a powder? First impression, these little cushions of goodness are in fact powders but with a creamier texture than even some of my most beloved high-end brands. You can wear these shadows wet or dry – awesome and they claim to be crease less. It was nice and sticky today, perfect weather for testing the staying power of new makeup.

First off, the website claims that these are so blendable that you can use just your fingertips and they are not lying. After applying primer I used just my fingers to apply my base and lid shadows, I could not get over the rich colour saturation and dreamy texture. I did switch to a brush for my crease shadow but only because I am not great at applying eye makeup as it is. These shadows layer like a dream with next to no fall out and crease less – you betcha. 8 hours and a wardrobe change later (business casual sucks in the heat) my shadow is still in place.


These are the shades I used today (I never do FOTD, my makeup just isn’t very exciting):

Bella Ivory – a satin matte champagne that I used as a base

Bella Champagne – pink shimmer for my eyelids

Bella Sand – deep beige shimmer for crease definition

Bella Copper – my absolute favorite so far, a gorgeous metallic shade that I used for top lid liner

Bella Bronze – also crazy gorgeous, deep metallic brown as lower lid liner


                                               Swatch of Bella Copper just because I love it

My stand out favorites so far are the metallic shades, I don’t usually wear metallics but these are truly stunning. When I am feeling daring I will try them as an actual eye shadow rather than just liners. Across the board, I am very impressed with these shadows and cannot wait to try them all – I am keen to try them wet as well, I think that this will only add to the pigmentation.

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