Friday Night Face Time v2

It is finally construction time in MN aka summertime 😉 and it was hot today! Summer means humidity, sweating, extra oil and this trifecta of terrible can result in skin issues. I do not struggle with redness as much in the summer but I still get random skin irritation. Good news is that I can switch over to lighter products such as serums, tinted moisturizers and BB’s instead of full coverage foundations. In the spirit of letting my skin breathe I am using two of my favorite LUSH products; Eau Roma Water toner and Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask.


I am lucky girl in that I live within driving distance of 3 LUSH locations and have access to their fresh products. I grew up in very rural Colorado, the closest ‘grocery’ store was 45 minutes away so I have learned to appreciate metro conveniences. Rosy Cheeks is my go to mask for treating mild redness and irritation, this is a true clay mask that delivers instant relief. It is packed with roses and smells just like the fresh cut, wild ones – such a simple, charming fragrance. Rose products are beneficial for many skin types including dry, sensitive and mature – I love the way this mask conditions and softens. The calamine lotion does wonders for my redness, I always thought that this was such a granny product but I use it constantly. I let this mask set for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water, the results are baby soft, pink cheeks 🙂

I am a firm believer in letting my pores breathe after all of the poking and prodding of the work week, Eau Roma Water is the perfect toner for sultry summer nights when I want to skip a heavy night cream. This toner is formulated with soothing lavender and moisturizing rose. I spritz on a healthy dose and follow with a shot of face oil for a light yet replenishing bed time routine. This is another great face spray that is wonderful for the complexion and is packed with skin benefits. This toner is more heavily lavender scented than rose and is mild enough for a few additional spritzes right before bed for a relaxing, aromatic treat.


I adore products that are full of simple yet beautiful ingredients and LUSH always delivers. These two products are incredibly affordable but I feel like I am really indulging myself when I use them. A little Golden Girls tidbit, Betty White is not from MN but man, can she put on the Minnesota Nice 🙂

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