Serum Theorem

I think that I have mentioned this before, bareMinerals was the very first foundation that I ever wore. In fact, this and two Murad products were the very first things that I ever purchased from Sephora as a treat on my 18th birthday. Oh, the memories. It has been a lot of fun watching this brand evolve and while I don’t use the mineral foundation any longer I still keep quite a few of their items in my beauty bag. Sadly, I have never been able to find another foundation that even comes close to matching my skin tone like the original mineral foundation. But at some stage of getting older, this foundation just stopped working for me – it dried my skin out, enhanced wrinkles that hardly existed and I just stopped loving it. I was exalted when they announced that they would be releasing a liquid product. I had been trying and hating various cream and liquid foundations for months and purchased their Pure Brightening Serum Foundation as soon as it was available.


I have a love/hate relationship with this ‘foundation’ it is my most used warm weather foundation but it doesn’t wow me as much as their mineral foundation did. First off, I hate the bottle – I really wish that they would release this in a soft bottle so that you can squeeze it. Even though I know that I can’t squeeze the bottle, I always do like a dork because I just feel like it should be squeezable! I am remaining optimistic though, I made it through UD’s eye primers when they came in hard bottles and feel there could still be a change on the horizon. The lightest shade (bare porcelain) is a decent match for my skin tone but still not quite as pink as I’d like it. I have porcelain skin with serious pink undertones (ruddiness), I pair this serum with a pink powder and can get pretty close to what I want but think they should release a .5 😉

As for coverage, over my BB and concealer I get plenty of coverage which is surprising since this formula is so thin. I use more than recommended but layer on sparingly as this serum can start to break up if you put too much on. They are not kidding when they say shake it – I shake between dispenses just to be safe. I agree that this product is brightening, I love how it makes my skin glow and look super hydrated. Overall I would not say that it appears dewy or shiny, I think rejuvenated is a good word and I’ll take it. I have even used this serum to thin out some of my heavier cream foundations for a more natural effect. It feels great on, very lightweight and I don’t notice any drying or flaking issues. Finally, you definitely have to set this stuff or it will run right off your face. I set with powder and/or a setting spray with maybe 1 touch up during the day for the inevitable creasing. All in all, I do like this serum and it is definitely one that I have to have on hand for any number of occasions. I didn’t purchase the fancy dancy brush that was released for use with this product, I just use my BB and it works as expected.


You cannot beat the price, I get quite a bit of mileage out of a 1 oz. bottle that retails well under most high-end foundations. I would definitely recommend this one if you want something lighter than traditional foundation but with good coverage. Plus, it is packed with ‘good for your skin’ ingredients and I am a sucker for products that promote healthy skin. But if they could just change a couple of teenie things, I would be all in 🙂


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