Oh The Posie-bilities

I am still on a mission to use up some products that have been in my bag too long and I dug out a cute little trio by Benefit Cosmetics that was admittedly an impulse purchase and a tube of mascara that was a freebie. I hope whoever persuaded retailers to set up product displays at the check out lanes is being compensated appropriately. I probably spend more there on stuff I had no intention of buying than in the store on things I need!


First up, the trio came with 3 deluxe size samples; Posie Tint, Bene Tint and High Beam. I was mostly interested in these products as they are liquids and I have been transitioning to more liquid products recently. You receive a fair amount of product to test out and the little vials are absolutely adorable. For some reason, I was expecting these to be roller balls (no idea why) but they actually come equipped with teenie brushes.


High Beam, the only highlighter of the bunch is my favourite of the 3. I typically reach for champagne hued products but I love this subtly pink, shimmery highlighter. The applicator makes it perfect for dotting onto small areas where you just want a touch of light. I was surprised at how much the little brush grew on me as I continued to use. I applied this on my cheekbones, brow bones and nose and it was the perfect amount of dewiness without looking shiny. I would definitely purchase a full size of this one, I like the formula and the overall effect was perfect.

Posie Tint, is 1 of 2 cheek/lip stains and definitely my favourite of these 2. It is more pink than anything I would traditionally try but it blends out to a perfectly flirty, sheer pink. It reminds me of something that Strawberry Shortcake would wear 🙂 It works great as a blusher but I had to blend quickly since it is a stain and after it sets, it doesn’t budge. I didn’t use this one on my lips but will continue to use as a blusher until it is gone!


Bene tint was my least favourite, even though it is also a cheek/lip stain I found it to be much thinner than the Posie formula – I only tested this one on my lips because I was afraid it would streak on my cheeks. I liked it as a lip tint, it stained my lips a lovely cranberry shade that wasn’t overly bold. It also doesn’t budge and you get a few good hours of wear out of it, even after chapstick I still had quite a bit of colour. It certainly isn’t a bad product, just not something I see myself seeking out in the near future.


Lastly, I had not used the sample of Roller Lash that I received so decided to bust this out as well. I think the tube is totally cute and the brush is not only curved but covered in loads of tiny bristles so that you can catch each lash. It claims to be ‘super-curling and lifting’ and I had high hopes for the curling claims. I cannot use a lash curler – I would be that person who rips her lashes out. In all honesty, though I was able to coat each lash and applied 3’ish coats I just didn’t see a lot of curling. I do like the formula, no clumping or flaking and it gave me loads of definition. I will use this one up but have other formulas that I will stick with.


Definitely not disappointed! Well, maybe a little disappointed in my total lack of self-control but I don’t think that I am going to have any trouble using these products up.

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