The Lady is a LUSH

If there is something that I love as much as makeup, it is skincare. I enjoy reveling in the perfection of a brand new skin cream, enjoying the delightful scent of new face wash or mask but with my skin issues I don’t get to try a lot of new stuff. Luckily, I have a few oldies that never get boring and are a treat to use every time. Part of what keeps my skin care routine indulgent is that I seek out ingredients that I truly adore and that agree with my skin type; lavender, roses, lilacs, chamomile, lemongrass – just to name a few. Though I may use the same products a hundred times over, they are still a delight to my senses.

I think it is obvious by now that I am addicted to LUSH, their products are amazing. I keep a few of their moisturizers in the rotation but I want to rave about one of their truly gorgeous creams, Vanishing Cream. I have been using and loving this one for several years now, the results and ingredients make this one a keeper . Just by looking at this creamy, perfectly pure cream you know that it is going to be luscious. While this product is ultra-light it is extremely moisturizing and full of some of my favorite face oils. Fragrant lavender oil for balancing, yummy grape seed oil for softening and shea butter for ultimate moisturizing. I only use this cream as a night treatment but it truly does help with balancing oil production and improving skin texture. I don’t use a lot of witch hazel but am so pleased that this product is formulated with it since it does wonders for clearing up any blemishes. My skin just soaks it up and I wake up with soft, even and totally hydrated skin. It is fragrant but not overly so, just a hint of the deliciously earthy botanicals that this cream is brimming with. It is such a simple product and such a delight to use.


My skin tends to become irritated with very little provocation and this cream is the perfect panacea for redness and irritation. My bedtime ritual is not complete until I have slathered my face in a healthy scoop of this wonder product. I never tire of this cream and will use it for many years to come! I would recommend this cream for acne-prone, oily and just sensitive skin in general – it has something for just about everyone 🙂


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