Stick With It

I know that I have raved about the Beautyblender before, it is my absolute favourite tool for pretty much anything. I have this weird phenomena where makeup brushes actually prick my skin and the results are absolutely ghastly. I have a few brushes that I still use but typically turn to the BB, it is gentle, applies makeup flawlessly and it is fun to use. Though I am pretty adept at using my beauty sponge and fingers, I appreciate the convenience of anything that comes in stick form. Blushers, highlighters, foundation – just glide and blend. When I saw Wet n Wild’s new, limited edition (a few of my favourite words 🙂 ) Megaglo Multi Sticks – I had to have them. These are part of their Stay Wild summer line that looks just lovely, the colours and overall presentation are fabulous.

Back in the day, this brand was mostly a go to for crazy eyeliner to wear to pep rallies and glitter but more recently the overall quality and variety offered has improved tremendously. I have found the results of this brand to be pretty extreme though, either the product is awesome or it sucks – very little in between. For 3.99$ a pop though, I wasn’t too worried about hating these pretty little sticks. And guess what…I don’t hate ’em!


These multi sticks are available in 3 different shades that consist of 2 blushers and 1 highlighter. The black, roll up tubes are decorated with pretty pink flowers and are just too fun. These multi sticks can be used on your eyes, lips, face and body. I loved the colours but was curious to see what the formula would be like. At first I felt that these sticks were a little dry and tugged my face but after warming them up a bit they glided beautifully. The punchy pop of colour from the blusher I used was perfect for my low-key, glowy summer face. The highlighter was light enough even with my skin tone to be brightening and the shimmer added just a touch of dew for the day. I did touch up midday on the blusher, overall though I was pleased with the wear and the fact that it did not become dry or cakey. Not to mention they are just so convenient and fun to use, it was more of an optional touch up 😉 The only thing that I am not totally sold on is using these on my lips or eyes, I just don’t think the colours would work for me. For face and body though, the shades are lovely and the formula is better than just good. I am definitely pleased with this product and will be sporting all summer. But don’t take my word for it, these babies are flying off the shelves – I had to hit a few drugstores to get my hands on all of them!


Carnational anthem – a pink, orange blusher with a touch of shimmer

Light up My High-Biscus – a  true pink blusher with a touch of shimmer

Marigold Round – a subtle pink highlighter with a touch of shimmer



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