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Marvelous in Metallic

I love (but mostly hate) that most days I insist that I cannot wear lipstick and should stop buying it and then other days I can’t buy enough tubes and convince myself that today is the day I start wearing lipstick. You probably know where I am going here, I bought more lipstick. I have been wanting to bulk up my liquid lipstick collection, I think they look so pretty, they wear forever and are surprisingly easy to apply. When I saw metallic liquid lipstick, I was giddy. Who hasn’t applied shimmer eyeshadow over lipstick for a metallic effect and now it can just be bought that way?! I did a little research and apparently this has been a trend for some time now and many brands have released lines of these lippies. I was excited to explore this trend.

I snagged a few tubes from Milani, I have been having so much fun dabbling in this brand lately and they were BOGO at CVS. Their Amore Mattalics Lip Creme is available in 8 shades, dries to a matte finish, are waterproof and claim to hold up for 12 hours.


The first thing I noticed about these lippies is that they smell like cake which I wasn’t too excited about. I prefer lip stuff that smells minty or botanical, I tend to stay away from the more saccharine products. The applicator is a standard doe-foot and I was pleased with how non-messy the tube was, the applicator doesn’t come out gooped with product. I found the applicator to be of manageable size but still used a lip brush to fill in my weird upper lip. The first coat was perfect (as it should be), no patchiness and amazing colour saturation. The formula was creamy and dried in seconds – I am glad it was so easy to apply because there would have been no time for correction. Also, there wasn’t any residual cake smell after this product dried, whew. I was swooning over how metallic these were, everything I expected and more. I didn’t know which shades to choose, they all seemed out of my comfort zone but settled on:


Mattely in Love –  red with gold flecks

Matte About You – coral with gorgeous gold flecks

Matterialistic – deep rose gold

I thought that the rose gold shade would be my favourite but was surprised at how much I loved the coral colour – the gold flecks were just stunning in this formula. I am pretty certain that none of these would be suitable for say, the office but definitely perfect for loads of other occasions.


While attempting to test out the 12 hour wear claim, I went grocery shopping, ate lunch, had a coffee, did some laundry and took a nap (oops). I can attest to the non-transfer claims, this formula did not budge or smear – I was very impressed. I did use a lip primer but this was only due to this formula being waterproof and I didn’t want to dry my lips out, I imagine the wear would be just as good without it. My lips didn’t feel dry or become irritated throughout the day. I wore for roughly 6 hours and had to use Pond’s to remove – I honestly feel as though every bit of product that I had originally applied was still on my face. My lips feel fine, not overly dry and I was worried that they would be parched.

Overall, I loved these – they are super easy to wear, the formula is everything-proof and the metallic effect was perfect. I don’t know where I have been but am totally swooning over this lip trend!





  1. Great post. I really love matte about you and I had no idea I could get milani in the UK but your post made me look it up and we do 😀 x

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