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Friday Night Face Time v3

Just when you think summer is here we have lows in the 40’s and it is snowing up  north! All of these fluctuating temps can be troublesome for my complexion so I am using a couple of my favourite spot treatments this evening. I skipped a mask and used a plain old charcoal bar to cleanse my face. I am a huge fan of charcoal, it sucks up excess oil and gunk, shrinks pores and leaves my face soft and matte. It is also very mild, charcoal feels wonderful on sore or irritated skin.

I followed my charcoal cleanse with a spritz of Tea Tree Water toner from LUSH (of course). There are a million reasons to love tea tree oil; it is an all natural disinfectant, it is soothing, it reduces oil and it smells pretty great. This toner is also formulated with grapefruit adding to its refreshing and toning properties. Not to mention, this toner is fantastic when it comes to reducing redness and leaves my pores pristine, well pretty damn close 🙂


I follow this toner with a super hydrating oil such as grapeseed as it can be drying if you over do it. I know this sequence is ‘out of order’ according to the experts, but I like an oil barrier to prevent irritation and drying. Grapeseed oil is chalk full of antioxidants and it is an effective acne remedy all on its own. This oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties that will treat your spots and stop new ones in their tracks. I find grapeseed to be heavier than most other oils and only utilize this as a night treatment.


Next, I apply a thin layer of Grease Lightening to any spots that need it. Caution, this also contains tea tree and if you over do it your skin will hurt. Having the most sensitive skin on the face of the planet, I haven’t had any issues but I am careful to not go crazy. I never put this treatment all over my face, just in areas that need it. This gel is crazy effective and will shrink anything you’ve got going on. It is formulated with aloe, thyme and rosemary making it a skin delight. It smells and feels lovely.

Finally, I apply a dab of Imperialis to extra dry areas around my mouth and apples of my cheeks. These are the areas that tend to need a little extra moisture but the rest of my face is plenty hydrated with just the grapeseed oil. This moisturizer is fragrant and full of good stuff; lavender, orange blossom, shea butter and sunflower extract among many other lovely things 🙂


This is my routine for battling and preventing spots when my face is stressed and I don’t want to bust out the salicylic acid. Yet again, just simple, lovely products that pack a lot of punch ❤


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