For Real Though

First off, how cool is the ‘Straight Outta’ generator – even though I think I am probably infringing on some copyright I think it is the coolest. Second, I am trying to determine what I want to do with my bathroom storage – it looks like hot vomit right now. We recently moved into a larger apartment after having lived in a smallish duplex for several years. I took the opportunity to purge a ton of stuff that I was not using; furniture, clothes, dishes, etc and it felt great. I had so much fun donating things and giving items away to others that would actually use them. It was a very cathartic experience and I enjoy living more minimally. That being said, this newfound minimalism does not apply to my makeup – this is my number one indulgence. Part of the reason I started this blog is a pact that the BF and I made, his addiction is movies and we are each required to blog about our pickups. And it has been so much fun, I really enjoy sharing my addiction with the blogosphere. For real though, I have to find a way to bring some order to the hot mess that is currently my powder room.


I purchased some cheapie wine glasses for storing items that I wanted to have standing up to avoid leaking. I bought a set of 4 thinking that I would only use 1 or 2, but 3 have now migrated to my vanity counter and I have some lippies that are eyeing that 4th one. I also have an exploding makeup bag, I want to go through this and turn it into an efficient High – Low bag where only things that I use everyday are stored. As for the cabinets and drawers, I really did set out with good intentions and kind of have a system going but am looking to get some bins to place things just to tighten them up a little. And honestly, it is the worst being a guest at my place because there are zero linens stored where they should be 🙂 But lipgloss? Take your pick! Lastly, I do like the idea of setting out a few pretty jars and that is what I was using my teenie plates for but now they are just spilling over with anything and everything. I hesitate to buy an external storage unit, I feel like I would just challenge myself to fill it 😉 but like the idea of everything being centrally located. Honestly, I don’t have the cabinets totally full and probably won’t fill them so this should be the same for a small storage unit, right?! I think that I am going to potter around Home Goods and see what I can scare up.


This one was the ‘Hair Drawer’ that is my kitty giving me her #judgyface. That crimper is the shit though.


I am still on a mission to use up more product, I love reading other bloggers’ posts about their monthly empties and think I am going to jump on that bandwagon! I’d love to hear what others are using for storage 😀


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