Sub – Prime

This primer is definitely yesterday’s news – though still wildly popular I think that the hype has somewhat died down. I picked this one up in the dead of winter when I was looking for a pick me up and I can-not wait to hit bottom. When I first started using the Backlight Primer Filter, I could  not get enough of it and used it almost everyday.

I will start with what I loved about this product and why I kept coming back to it. This primer is a pearly white that applies sheer and provides a hint of glow. The website claims that this primer will ‘…help blur imperfections and impart a radiant glow…’ I definitely agree that the glow this primer provides is unlike any other highlighter or brightener that I have used and with very little additional fuss. It works well under as well as over your makeup, just a few drops and you are glowing. I found it to be the perfect elixir to chase away the winter blues.


This product also smells amazing, I can’t even describe it but reminds me of the cherry-almond Jergens that I honestly do not know if you can still get. The texture is tacky but still very easy to apply and you only need a thin coat to get glowing. It felt OK on, sometimes I would feel a little irritation but not uncomfortable enough to prevent me from using it.


My beef with this primer is that it does not blur imperfections and this why I have only started using it as an additional highlighter over my makeup. Similar to several other products from BECCA I find that this product highlights my pores and the shimmer although not glittery, settles in wrinkles. I wasn’t noticing this when I first started using this one and this could certainly be the change in humidity or temperatures but still frustrating! If I am not going to use a pore treatment primer, I can usually just get away with prepping my skin with a loose powder (sounds crazy but works) under my foundation but this technique has no impact with this primer. To continue using it I tried applying a pore primer where I needed it but even this provided sub-par results and seemed like a hassle (plus cha-ching, felt like I was coating my face in Benjamins)!

I am bummed, this primer is so pretty but just not the type of priming that I need. I have about 1/4 of the bottle to use up and think I can finish this one, it really does look lovely when used as a liquid highlighter! I think that if you have really flawless skin, then this one would be perfect for you but alas, I won’t be repurchasing 😦

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