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PUR Love

I have been eyeing a few products by PUR Minerals on my ULTA app and then bam – coupon, I think the NSA was somehow involved but I will take it. This brand caught my eye as they are all about healthy skin, cruelty free and they actively promote a campaign to end hunger that is near and dear to my heart. I spent 6 months in Africa right out of high school and the solution to end world hunger cannot come soon enough. Wow, this got heavy – to the products!

This will be more of a ‘first impressions’ since I only just brought these home today! I am still on the hunt for an undereye primer that won’t crease which might be impossible but their HydraGel Lift primer caught my eye. This product can be used on the lid and undereye for instant hydrating and lifting. It comes in a convenient tube and the ingredient list looked promising. I was surprised at how teenie weenie the tube was for 26$ but in doing a little research this is about the going rate for this type of product and you actually get an additional.04 oz. of product (doesn’t seem like a lot but it gave this product the edge). Not to mention, this eye balm got stellar reviews on both their own website as well as ULTA’s. Additionally, this is the only one that I found that could be used all over the eye area making it more versatile. Sans undereye product, I applied this balm and it felt amazing – not only was it hydrating it was also cooling and definitely brightened up my eyes. I then applied color corrector and concealer per usual, I didn’t notice a dramatic difference in how my makeup applied but a few hours later and I didn’t have little ‘concealer rivers’ under my eyes! I was really excited about this and cannot wait to see if there are any lifting/firming results with continued usage. So far, so good!


Next up I picked up a bottle of their face mist and setting spray, Miracle Mist because I love facial sprays. This stuff smells amazing (orange blossoms and bergamot), it is full of minerals, antioxidants and amino acids making it totally delicious. I used a few spritzes before I primed for a little hydration and then used to set my makeup and it felt pretty awesome. I really feel like I am getting my money’s worth with this one and can see this one becoming one of my staples!


Lastly, I picked up a Strobe/Highlight Palette in Moonlight. I almost didn’t pick this one up and asked myself how many highlighters do I need, to which I replied (to myself) all of them – duh. This palette is gorgeous, the box it came in was stunning all on its own 😉 This palette contains 3 cream to powder highlighters (twilight, lunar, eclipse) and a fabulous mirror. I didn’t get to play with it very much but it is definitely swoon-worthy.


I am so far pleased with my purchases and look forward to incorporating them into my routine. There are a couple of other items from this line that I am curious about and may check them out if all goes well! Now, if only ULTA keeps up this collusion with the NSA and shoots me another coupon 😉




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