Whole Hair Lovin’

We are off to our first baseball game of the season this evening so I am posting a tad early! I am not a huge fan but there is just something so classic about kicking back at the ballpark, enjoying the summer breeze and baseball players – yes please 😉 I don’t post about my hair regimen often, in fact maybe never but I am currently using a dreamy duo from Garnier (surprisingly) and wanted to share. I have low – maintenance hair, it is there, it grows, it does not require a whole lot of TLC. I do take a gummie vitamin but other than that is just gets to do its thing.

Story time! My mother was a tad on the religious maniacal side and as Godly women my sisters and I were not allowed to cut our hair shorter than mid-back. I have really thick hair and as an adolescent who played sports, enjoyed swimming, etc this was absolute torture. Due to various circumstances on my mission trip prior to college, ie no water for hair washing nor shampoo – I had to dread my hair. It sounds as disgusting as it was (but looked pretty rad) and my first day back in the states (thank goodness I was allowed back in) I had it all chopped off into a pixie. This was major, it wasn’t even close to the length that my mother deemed inappropriate – that would have been 8 inches longer, at least. People were freaking out, if you ever really want to piss people off – cut your hair. I loved my short hair, no drying, your shampoo lasts for ages, your scalp actually gets oxygen – amazing. I feel that having such short hair and finally being allowed to wear makeup really spurred my cosmetics obsession, oops. Since then, I have worn it in varying degrees of shorter lengths and I don’t know if I will ever grow it long again *gasp*

For the last few months I have been obsessed with undercuts but I work in the corporate sector so I have to be able to cover it and look professional – what a Reagan era generalization this is BTW but more on this later. I have been using the most boring thickening/growth hair system that my stylist thought would assist in gaining some length for said undercut. I am at the perfect length, the appointment is scheduled and I was so ready for some new, fun and more indulgent shampoo. Garnier Whole Blends shampoos and conditioners looked like summer in a bottle. Admittedly, it was the typography that caught my eye as it looked so retro and super 70’s but I was excited to read that these are paraben free and formulated with yummy stuff like coconut water and vanilla milk. At 4$ a bottle (way, way under my ho-hum thickening products) I jumped on them and purchased the hydrating formula as I could always use more hydration. I have been using for about a week now and I love them so far! The smell is delicious but subtle enough that I don’t smell like a giant coconut – which, would this be the worst thing in the world? The shampoo is crazy hydrating all by itself, I only condition at every other wash and my hair feels soft and smooth plus it looks shiny which is a plus. I used Garnier way, way back and it tangled my hair and left it oily so I am pleased to report that this line seems to be of better quality.

I am no hair expert, like I said – it is just kind of there but I would recommend if you are looking to shake up your hair routine!

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