Top 5 Drug Store Finds: May

I know that it is a tad early to post a month-end blog but I have had so much fun at the drugstore this month and I have a couple of other true month to date summaries that I am planning to post.

This month I picked up more than a few items from the Maybelline summer line admittedly due to the fact that every time I turned around they were on sale. 2 items are making my list this month, first up MASTERprime Long Lasting Shadow Base. This eye primer comes in 3 different formulas, each creates a unique canvas based on what effect you are going for. The formulas offered are matte, smoothing and illuminating. Right now, my favorites are the illuminating and smoothing primers. Both look great under my eye makeup, last all day and are perfect as sheer shadows on their own. The matte primer casts a little more colour than I would prefer but works fine under darker makeup.


I was not totally sold on this next one but the Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid lippies have grown on me. I will say that these are neither matte nor true liquid lipsticks, I would describe them as heavy lip-glosses. Once I got over the fact that they weren’t what I had expected I started to appreciate that they are easy to apply, feel super creamy and come in several flattering shades. If you don’t mind the total misnomer on these ones, they are fun to have around. I picked up pink charge, nude thrill and nude flush – my favorite so far is the pink, it is the perfect pop of pink for work and so easy to touch up.

ps. Sorry for the barcodes – freaking ridiculously hard to peel those things off!


Next up are these fabulous little brushes from Wet n Wild that I have been collecting as I see them. This has been quite the scavenger hunt as they are constantly sold out! I have been using the same handful of brushes for some time and have been on the hunt for some replacements that didn’t cost a fortune. These little beauties fit the bill, the bristles don’t prick me and they don’t waste my product. I hope to own them all – I am very impressed with the quality!


It wouldn’t be summer without yet more new highlighters! Seriously though, I have got to quit buying them! These Makeup Revolution highlighters have made a few dupe lists and I wanted to give them a whirl plus they are mega cheap for the pan size. They don’t last as long as other powder products that I use but the shades work really well with my skin tone and the shimmer is perfectly subtle. I will definitely be keeping these Vivid Baked Highlighters in my bag.


Last but most definitely not least I have become addicted to these lip tins from Vaseline. I don’t think that I have ever owned a tub of the original stuff but these balms are definitely a new staple. They are so hydrating, leave my lips feeling smooth and they smell delicious. I picked up the rose tin first but soon had to own all of the flavours and am so pleased!


Like I said, I had so much fun at the drugstore this month and it was hard to choose just 5 products! I am so glad that I found a variety of new items for my bag and cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer brings.

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