Baring It

This is a multi-parter – on my last trip to ULTA I picked up a couple of BareMinerals items that I have been using on the regular, one I had not tried yet and got sent home with 2 stinking adorable samples. To the products!


I have been burning through this concealer like there is no tomorrow, having been on the hunt for a good concealer I think that this one is a keeper! There are not a ton of available shades and I was worried that the fairest shade would be too dark for me but I have been pleasantly surprised. Not only is fair a perfect match, this serum just melts into my skin and the thinner consistency makes it easy to bake with (is that the proper adjective there?). It is lighter weight than my pots of concealer but covers blemishes just as well and I don’t worry about it getting cakey. The finish is dewy and brightening, I could not ask for more out of a concealer. Price to product ratio it is pretty on par with other brands of this caliber and a tube lasts me roughly a month but like I said, I am blowing through this stuff!


Next up, I finished my pot of undereye brightener and was on the hunt for something a tad lighter for summer. Since I was loving their concealer so much, I settled on a tube of this Stroke of Light Eye Brightener in the fairest shade. I chose this shade due to how pink it is and think this works best for my skin tone and it does! This brightener is also very thin but is long lasting and easy to set. I have used this both with and without my new undereye balm and the outcome is virtually the same, it just wears really well. The only complaint I have is that the wand is about the length of a tongue depressor, not a deal breaker but definitely something new. I don’t find it to be drying or irritating to my delicate eye area which is a huge win.


The first sample that I received was this adorable, teenie bottle of their new sheer bronzer and I don’t know what to think I guess. The claim on the website is that this ultra-light serum is perfect for achieving a natural summer glow. Even though this serum is only offered in 1 shade, I do think that it could be universally flattering and easily buildable. The formula is so thin that I have a hard time controlling the product and getting it where I want it to be – this is probably just me though and my lack of skills 😉 It does impart a lovely, summery glow and I could see me using this on the regular during the warmer months but I will have to get better at using it if I decided to purchase a full size.


Lastly, I received a mini tube of Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Get Ready a lovely, rosy pink that is incredibly flattering. It doesn’t give you a ton of colour but looks very natural and it is way easy to apply. What I like most about this lipstick is that it doesn’t feel like blubber on my lips. I hate anything on my lips that feels too tacky or thick, it drives me nuts. I really like the colour and the formula is silky smooth – I think I may pick up a full size of this one but is it wrong that I really like the mini-tube? So freaking cute.


It is always fun when you purchase something that you love but when you get something for free and like it? Win, win. Thanks for stopping by!

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